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I always look forward to this time of year. Gardening season here in the Midwest lasts for such a short period of time, which is so unfortunate since I enjoy it so much! Currently I have a rather large garden with perennials and shrubs. I then add in annuals to give it color. I also have a small vegetable garden, but want to add an herb garden on to that.

In Illinois, it is still a little early to plant vegetables and herbs. It was very warm the past few days in the 80’s, but is once again in the 60’s during the day and the 30’s at night. The risk of frost is still too great. We typically wait until after the middle of May to start planting things that are more delicate.

I really enjoy doing gardening projects. Gardening projects can be very simple if you are just looking to get your feet wet. If you are looking for some gardening inspiration the The Gro Project is the place you want to be. You can also see some fun garden projects on their Pinterest page. Please follow their boards while you are there. Miracle-Gro wants to simplify gardening for a whole new class of gardeners and show that it can be easy, fun and enjoyable!

plants for window box

The first gardening project that I do each year is to plant my flowers in my window box out our living room window. For this project I shopped at my local Home Depot. The flowers I chose this year Lemon Zest Petunia’s, Hyacinth, and Polk Dot plant. I also bought the Moisture Control Potting Mix from Miracle Gro. Since my window box does not have any drainage, I love that this potting mix absorbs 33% more water than other potting soil. This will protect those plants against over and under watering!

plant arrangement in window box

One of the first things I do is set my plants in the window box how I want them arranged. I want to make sure I leave enough space between each plant so they not only have the space they need, but one does not end up covering the other.

Clearing dirt, adding new potting soil, making hole for plant

Next, I wanted to do was clear out all the old dirt in the window box. I have just been adding plants to it year and year, so this year I wanted to start fresh. Once I cleared out al the old dirt I added the Moisture Control Potting Mix. It said to fill it 1/3 of the way before you start adding your plants. The last photo above is the hole I made for my first plant.

root ball, breaking up of root ball, plant

As you add your plants, you should break up the root ball. You want to do this since you are transplanting from a small container the rounds are usually bound up. In the image above the third picture on the far right is all the plants planting in the 1/3 potting soil.

Window Box Complete

Lastly, I need to add the last of the Moisture control Potting Mix, leaving just a little bit of space at the top. Then I watered. I have to say that this new potting soil is so fabulous compared to the “dirt” I had in there. Whenever I had watered this window box in the past the water would not soak very well and would flow somewhat over the sides making a mess. With this potting soil the water absorbed right in and there was no overflow. I love it!

I am very excited with how nicely my window box turned out. I am anxious for the plants to start growing and filling in all those spaces! I love gardening. It is such a fun way to spend time outdoors.

The Gro Project is a growing project by Miracle-Gro. They want to put the passion back in to gardening, and that can begin with you!

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  1. I can’t to wait buy a house so I can start doing some gardening.
    Lena recently posted..10 Pictures For Your To Do ListMy Profile

  2. I have to wait ’til our deck is built for flowers. Otherwise they are just goat food. Yours look great!
    Patty recently posted..Putting Up Fence and Building a Gate – No Deer or Goats will #DigIn to MY Berry Garden! #adMy Profile

  3. Jenna Wood says

    I miss gardening, since we moved into our condo- but we always have a bag of Miracle Grown on hand for our tiny herb garden!

  4. Ruth Hill says

    I have read about doing all these projects, and I like the fact that they have some great ideas for the less creative of us!

  5. I wondered when it would be safe to plant. I’m hoping that I can put some herbs in pots next weekend.
    Sarah BB recently posted..Stylish Camera Bags For Any PhotographerMy Profile

  6. So pretty! I love that hyacinth in your picture. I use miracle gro too (except we use the organic kind.)
    Dede recently posted..When it DOESN’T pay to use a discount code.My Profile

  7. I love gardening! It’s one of the Me time activities I like doing.
    Diva Fabulosa recently posted..Sweet Girl 🙂My Profile

  8. You window boxes are going to be awesome. You can always tell the pots planted with Miracle Gro!
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  9. I love your flower box in the window! I wish we had some! So cute! it has been too cold for me to even plant flowers lately. We are barely reaching 50 degrees as a high. And well below 30 for lows. I can’t wait to get the warmer temperatures to start planting. We often use Miracle grow on our gardens for larger blooms and bigger veggies.
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  10. I love gardening. Your flowers are so pretty.
    Little Miss Kate recently posted..Summer Camp is Awesome #MuskokaWoods2013My Profile

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