It Was A Birthday Celebration For Anna and Ethan

Birthday Celebration

I can’t believe it is already November, for the life of me and cannot fathom where the year has gone.  Anna and Ethan celebrated their 5th birthday in October!  Yay!  In many respects the past 5 years has flown by – but then again I felt like it would never be here.

There are a few things the kids have been looking forward to when they turned five – one of them is starting kindergarten. Anna and Ethan have been wanting to go to school with their big sister (Megan) and ride the bus with her for a long time.  We have been telling them after they turn 5 they will go to kindergarten.  It was too hard to explain that they would start school the school year after they turned five.  So the day of their birthday they looked at Rob and I excitedly and said, so we start kindergarten tomorrow now YAY!  Um, no.  We proceeded to explain to them when they would start school and they were fine with it. The other thing that happened, is apparently the age 5 must mean they are “big” kids now, because the first thing Ethan said to me is “I’m 5, now I’m as big as Anna”.  Anna is about 1 1/2 inches taller then and almost 10 pounds heavier.  He was very happy about the aspect of wearing size 5 cloths now especially since he finally just got into a size four.  Again, I had to explain that just because he was older does not mean he got “bigger”.

birthday celebration

Anna has been wanting the doll that “poops”, a Baby Alive, for quite some time so we did get that as one of her gifts.  I had that doll when I was a kid, which was a very long time ago, I cannot believe that doll is still around.  When I went to go buy it, there are now several different Baby Alive dolls which a little confusing at first since I had not realized there was more than one.  The doll does still have the same poop, however, I do not remember it talking before when I had it.  It is a little ironic that I have all my kids out of diapers and now I am buying and changing diapers again for a doll!

Ethan was slightly more difficult to buy for since there was not any one thing he really wanted.  He did want a baseball mitt and baseball to play catch with dad so I we did get that for him.  Since it has been very cold out and we are in fall/winter mode, I also wanted to get him something he could do indoors.  He had wanted a bowling set in the past so I got him an indoor bowling set.  It actually did not go over as well as I was hoping. 🙁

Since all three kids play dress up, Rob ordered capes for them for his parents to give to them.  They kind of look like super hero capes but Anna’s has an “A” on the back and Ethan has an “E” on the back.

When my mom was shopping for them, she asked what she could get for them and I suggested Dream Lights for both of them.  They both scream at the TV every time they see a commercial saying how much they want one.  Anna got a butterfly and Ethan got the puppy.  I think those were the biggest hit of all.

Overall, they had a great day!

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  1. Mary Beth Elderton says

    Beautiful kids! I’m thinking of dream lights for my grands, too:)

  2. Thank you Mary Beth! From the commercial they appeared rather bright, but in person they are not. They are pretty cool! My husband was teasing me because Anna came into our room the other night because she had a bad dream. She had her Dream Light with her and I actually liked sleeping “under the stars”!

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