Do You Keep God in Your Heart All Week, or Just on Sunday?

I love the Bible Application “YouVersion” on my Smart Phone. It allows you to choose from oodles of different devotionals, set bookmarks, receive a daily Bible verse, and much more. Today’s daily bible verse was this:

And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns. Philippians 1:6 (NLT)

Honestly, I was not completely sure of the interpretation until I was at church this morning. We have spent almost this entire year on a series “Exploring the Gospel of John to Know Jesus” at our church. Today we went through John 12:1-11, which was about the ointment from Mary on Jesus’ feet and Judas choosing sin. Judas said one thing but acted another way, making his actions inconsistent with his words. Jesus knows what is in our heart, which should help us want to keep our actions inline with our words.

Trust in God

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I know I make a lot of mistakes throughout the week. When I am at church, listening to the words from the Bible and our pastor it makes me feel so at peace. We are supposed to live our lives as Jesus did, or at least the best we can. Daily life stresses happen. The kids fight, there are a million things to get done, and life can make your head spin. I seem to pray every day for peace and to help me use the right words when I am talking to my children. Sometimes I keep my cool and other times I do not.

I have also tried to look at other parts of my life that need improvement. Namely it is idle gossip and tolerance. I try very hard to not get pulled into negative talk, whether it is about life in general or a specific person. Once I started paying more attention to what I say and what others say, it makes me feel good to go down the road of righteousness. I am obviously not there at 100%, but it has definitely improved.

A key ingredient to living a life more like Jesus is to keep Him at the forefront of you heart and mind. Quite often I go throughout my entire day and realize I did not take the time to read even one verse out of my Bible. I have to be intentional with my devotions and make it a habit.

I own The Life Application Study Bible (NLT), I looked up daily verse Philippians 1:6 and it turns out the explanation of that verse and what was discussed at church today coincided. The daily verse is saying that God began good work within us and will continue to throughout our entire life. His work begins within us when we first believe and accept Christ into our lives. The Holy Spirit then dwells within us to help us live more like Christ every day.

What do you do throughout the day and week to live more like Christ?




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