Kmart Layaway Dance #KmartLayawayDance

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Did you know that the Kmart layaway plan is not just for the holidays? You can use Kmart Layaway all year round for celebrations such as birthdays, re-decorating or baby gifts. Plus, you can conveniently use Kmart Layaway both online and in stores.

#KmartLayawayDanceIt is very simple to use, all you have to do is do a little planning. Simply choose when you would like to start your Layaway. Then you will want to put down your down payment to start your Layaway. You will have to make your payments every two weeks (online or in store). At your final payment, you will take your items home with you. This is when you will want to do the Layaway dance!

Kmart Layaway

Did you watch that video above? This is the Layaway Dance! People spontaneously break out in dance when using the Kmart Layaway plan. They get so excited being able to take advantage of this great plan for items they want to purchase it makes they want to bust out a dance move. Let me tell you, the moves in this video are so fun! You can really learn some fun new hip-hop moves!

Keep in mind, if you are a Shop Your Way rewards member you will earn points towards future purchases on every Layaway purchase. Also, you will receive access to exclusive Layaway offers.

Here is a tip for you when it comes to planning for a Layaway: Remember to give yourself plenty of time before you need the item, most Layaway contracts last about 8 weeks, so planning ahead is key!

Do you have an item in mind you would like to put on Layaway?

You know, it is about that time to start thinking grills and patio furniture! Plus you will be able to practice your dance moves because you are going to want to break out in a Layaway dance too!

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