Last Minute Valentine Gift Ideas for a Cozy Day

Last Minute Valentine Gift Ideas

For some, you may be wondering what would make some good last minute Valentine gift ideas for a cozy, intimate Valentine’s Day. This may be a more appealing idea to you than celebrating out on the town. If that is your style, you will appreciate these ideas for a cozy Valentine’s Day.


1. Valentine Hunt
Like Easter eggs, you can hide Valentine chocolates, poems, pieces of jewelry, and other little gifts all around the house. You might want to take it to the next step and do a scavenger hunt, where each item found has a hint for the next item.

2. Have a Few Friends Over
No one says you have to be alone on Valentine’s Day. You can still have a cozy, at-home celebration with a few close friends. Decorate your house for the holiday, and serve a buffet or hors d’oeuvres. Don’t forget those sumptuous Valentine’s desserts!


Create A Cozy Atmosphere

3. Romantic At-Home Movie Night
This is really more about the atmosphere than the traditional popcorn and movies. For this Valentine’s Day celebration, you will want to create a romantic atmosphere, as well as have some romantic movies on-hand. You could make up a bed in front of the TV (if you do not have a TV in your bedroom) with lots of pillows and even rose petals if you like. Serve wine and finger foods and enjoy the evening.

4. Try New Wines
Wine and Valentine’s Day go hand in hand. Why not try some new ones? Sample them over a romantic dinner and dessert.

5. Create Special Memories
Did you and your significant other go on a lot of vacations or travels together? Do you have lots of photos stored on your phone or computer? Valentine’s Day is a great time to do something with these mementos. You can do something traditional, like create a photo album of a special trip or event; or you could be more unconventional and make a keepsake collage with photos, movie tickets, and other items. It’s even possible to make jewelry, clothing, or mugs out of some items.

6. Simple, Romantic, Fireside Champagne
What could be more romantic than champagne and chocolate? This could be the perfect dessert after a meal, or just an intimate way to spend an evening. Build a fire in your fireplace, draw up a sofa or loveseat, and have the chilled champagne, chocolate, cheese, and nuts ready and waiting.

7. Special Delivery
Flowers and candy delivered to your front door is very romantic and sets the stage for a cozy at-home celebration. If you do a little research, you’ll find there are delivery services for lots of things, from teddy bears to fruit baskets. Choose something that fits your relationship and enjoy at home!

There are so many fun ways to celebrate a cozy Valentine’s Day at your home. You’ll save money, too!


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  1. I am always up for a romantic movie night at home. Or a non-romantic one, too! LOL. I just like to stay home these days…..

  2. These are great ideas! I’ve never been a huge fan of dropping a ton of money on going out on big, pricey dates for Valentine’s Day. I’d rather stay home and celebrate with my loved ones there.
    Stacie recently posted..Spiced Eggs and Flatbread Recipe #PerfectPickMeUpMy Profile

  3. These are some great ideas you are so right deliveries no matter how small are always a good starter for the day. I love the idea of wine and a movie but it is a school night and i get a little tired. I know boring.
    Melissa Chapman recently posted..Fidget Spinner Dangers: Could Your Child’s Toy Be Harmful To Their Health?My Profile

  4. These are such fun ideas. I love things that are so creative like this. It’s low key for us this year because it’s Ash Wednesday but I’m pinning these for next year.
    Cyn Gagen recently posted..Menu Plan Monday: Week of February 12My Profile

  5. Pam Wattenbarger says

    A Valentine’s Hunt is a super cute idea. You could change it up for all different age groups.

  6. A romantic at home movie and dinner is my kind of date! I love having a great wine and just staying in!

  7. Hiding Valentines would be a good idea for my kids. I’m going to do that next year.
    Heather recently posted..Stella’s Butterfly ValentinesMy Profile

  8. A Valentine’s Hunt is such a great idea! You could change it for all different age groups or for adults.

  9. I’m all for dinner in and a movie. Sure beats the possible long wait for a table or lines to get in to see a movie.

  10. A Valentines Hunt sounds so fun! That would be a creative way to involve the whole family as well!

  11. We usually stay in for Valentine’s day because we don’t want to fight the crowds at restaurants. We will go out to celebrate on a different night! I love these ideas!

  12. I am all about saving money and staying home on Valentine’s Day! Love the idea of a Valentine’s Hunt.

  13. Reesa Lewandowski says

    Everyone loves getting a special delivery! I love the try new wines idea!

  14. I absolutely adore the idea of trying new wines out for Valentine’s Day!! I should suggest that to hubby for next year.
    Lisa Favre recently posted..Super Easy, Super Creamy, Super Tasty Chia Seed PuddingMy Profile

  15. What great suggestions. I live the idea of a Valentines scavenger hut. What fun!

  16. I’m always busy and running behind so I usually end up looking for last minute gifts. These are some great, inexpensive, and fun ideas for Valentine’s Day.

  17. All your Valentine’s Day gift ideas are great. I really like the idea of spending quality time together and movie nights are my fave thing to do at home.

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