Last Minute Valentine’s Day Cards With Disney

Valentine’s Day is already this Thursday, are you ready? I have not even started shopping for the kids yet. I also have yet to even start on Valentine’s Day cards for my children’s classmates, and that is for three children. I really do not enjoy doing things last minute, but time seems to get away from me more often than I would like. Luckily there are some neat products on-line for us last minute people like me.

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Cards

I am loving this new website by Disney called Spoonful. Have you visited this website yet? There are all sorts of great projects and ideas for kids. One of them many thing that they offer that I am especially excited about is printable last minute Valentine’s Day cards! This makes it so easy to create Valentine’s Day cards for your children’s classmates. All you have to do is print the cards out on card stock and then have you children fill them out – easy peasy!

There is a wonderful selection to choose from for both boys and girls. Some of the options to choose from are Woody, Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Muppets, Toy Story, and more.

Disney Fairies Valentine’s Day Cards

Disney Fairy Printable Valentine's Day cards

Toy Story Valentine’s Day Cards

Disney Toy Story Printable Valentine's Day Cards

Disney Princess Valentine’s Day Cards

Disney Princess Printable Valentine's Day Cards

Aren’t these great looking! They look just as good, if not better, than any store bought Valentine’s Day card! Plus, they are super convenient. You just print them out, sign them and then attach them to the goody you are sending along with it.

If you want to get really creative, there is also Tinker Bell’s Valentine’s Day Pop-up Card:

Disney printable valentine's day cards

I will be making use of this site a lot over the next couple of days. I have cards that I am definitely going to make through here for both Anna and Ethan. Since Megan is 9 years old I will have to figure something else out for her since she is getting a little too old for fairies and princesses. 🙁 I can’t believe I’m actually saying that about her!

Do you have some last minute Valentine’s to take care of? How will you be utilizing this site for your Valentine’s Day?

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