Lighten the Load Monday ~ March 4

Mondays always seem to be such a blah day, don’t they? I know they were not the best day of the week for me when i worked full-time. I always dreaded Sunday evenings since that is the time I would start thinking about going back to work the next day. That feeling has not seem to have changed a whole lot even though I am now home with the kids.

Lighten The Load

I still find it very difficult to get back into the swing of things on Mondays after having had the whole weekend to relax with the kids. I am pretty sure it has a lot to do with setting the alarm, although I’m sure it is because I am going to miss the kids. Maybe you are feeling a little blah too today? Well below is a little bit of humor to help lighten the load this Monday morning.

Monday mornings are always a little rough around our house, especially for our oldest daughter. She does suffer from some anxiety, which we are working with her on. Even as a baby though she has always had a hard time transitioning. This has been a rough year for her in general. She loves her teacher, but she was put in a different classroom than most all of her friends. I know she feels very separated from them, especially since then at lunch time they kind off stick in their groups so then she still does not feel included. Luckily she has formed closer bonds with a couple of friends who have helped her a lot.

Humor always seems to be very therapeutic, especially when you are stressed about something. It does help to redirect your mind to something else.

Below are some “Monday” funnies:

lighten the load

source: Cat Chat via Google


lighten the load

source: Pictures Quote on Google

lighten the load

source: Tinkerbelle on Google

lighten the load

source: Cheeky Reads on Google.

lighten the load monday

I hope this will a little bit of humor to you day.



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  1. LOL So cute. I feel like that most mornings!
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  2. soooooo cute pics 🙂 <3

  3. Wow nice! Sharing pics are really cute.

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