Mako Mermaids Are Back For Season 2 On Netflix

This is a guest post by my daughter, Megan, talking about Mako Mermaids on Netflix. We are writing this post as part of the Netflix Stream Team.

A couple of years ago I stumbled upon the show “H2O: Just Add Water”. This show was about three mermaids who tried to conceal their magical powers from their classmates, while still facing normal teen problems. My brother, sister, and I watched all 3 three seasons of this show on Netflix, several times! We were so disappointed when we realized they were not making any more shows.

Mako Mermaids

mako island mermaids

After hunting around for more mermaid shows, we came across “Mako Mermaids” – a spinoff from “H2O: Just Add Water”. We were really excited to see they continued on with the story. Although it has a completely different cast now.

Ever since we started watching “H2O”, I have wanted to become a mermaid. In fact, I found a few ways on YouTube to do just that, but they didn’t work. 🙁 Now I just want my mom to buy a mermaid tail for me for swimming at the pool!

Mako Mermaids just started their second season this month on Netflix. The have a lot of surprises planed for this year. Here is a glimpse of what you have missed so far:

I just love how they grow a tail anytime they get wet! Could you imagine all of a sudden having that beautiful tail and being able to swim that fast underwater? I would love to swim the dolphins, they are my favorite. Oh, and to swim among all the Sea Turtles would be great fun too.

mako mermaids season 2

However, I think the place I would love to swim to the most is to the Moon Water in the cave at Mako Island. This is where the Mermaids have gotten their tales. The water looks so beautiful there. It’s also the place where the mermaids swim to when they want to spend time together, think, or have alone time. It would be so much fun to hang out with Sirena, Nixie, and Lyla.


Mako Mermaids is a fun show for people of all ages. If you enjoy fantasy and magic, you will probably find this show very entertaining. My mom loves watching it with us! 🙂

Season 2 of Mako Mermaids started streaming on Netflix February 13th. However, with Netflix, you have access to all of Season 1 as well, so you can learn all about the mermaids stories from the very beginning. Check it out!



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