Maleficent Opens in Theaters Today!

Maleficent opens in theaters worldwide today. And, oh my gosh, are you in store for a fantastic movie with the awe-inspiring 3-D visual-effects by Robert Stromberg! From beginning to end, you will be enchanted and entertained.

maleficent opening day

Maleficent is the untold story of what drove the “bad” fairy (Maleficent) to curse Princess Aurora, Sleeping Beauty, when she was just a baby. Angelina Jolie, in the title role, captures the essence of Maleficent through all her different phases of trusting, first-love crush to a scorned and vengeful wingless fairy.

maleficent opening day

The movie begins with a young Maleficent (played by Isobelle Molloy, then Ella Purnell) happily playing in the land of fairies called The Moors. A young man (Stefan) strays into this perfect world and captures the heart of a young Maleficent. As time goes on, he eventually gives Maleficent, claiming it to be true love’s kiss only to disappear from her life. Eventually when he does return, he is an ambitious King wannabe who is out to avenge the king and be his successor.

maleficent opening day

Maleficent Curses Princess Aurora

He violently betrays Maleficent, and from that point forward the movie takes on a rather dark atmosphere. Filled with anger, hurt and betrayal, Maleficent sets on a course of revenge. When she hears of the christening of his baby daughter Aurora, she chooses that to be the perfect time to unleash her revenge. Showing up uninvited at baby Aurora’s Christening, Maleficent delivers her legendary curse.

maleficent opening day

What I did not expect from Maleficent was to feel so much for her character and her journey through love, betrayal, vindictive anger, and then her ability to love again. Jolie’s portrayal of Maleficent is stunning. Her imposing demeanor, incarnate pain, and wounded pride is pure Jolie. She dominates every scene she is in with her sarcastic remarks, along with her beautiful figure and well-pronounced (computer enhanced) cheeks.

Although Angelina Jolie is truly the focus of this movie, I also enjoyed performances by Sam Riley as Diaval and Elle Fanning as Princess Aurora. The 3 fairies that took care of Princess Aurora until she was the age of 16 I found to be somewhat annoying. I am actually somewhat surprised King Stefan would have entrusted them to keep Princess Aurora safe! Sharlto Copley also did very well as Stefan, but for obvious reasons his character was very disturbing.

maleficent opening day

I loved the innocence of Princess Aurora, especially when she encounters Maleficent and addresses her as her “You’re are my Fairy Godmother” to which Maleficent replies with a stony, shocked (and hilarious) “What?”. Also, there are some beautiful visual effects when Princess Aurora comes upon the fairies, nymphs and wood spirits.

maleficent opening day

You will love Maleficent. I believe you will also find yourself having a pang of sorrow for all the character went through to make her into Maleficent – The Evil. One last note, you have to see this movie in 3D…it is money well spent!

I would love to hear your thoughts after you see the movie!! Favorite scene?

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