Mary, Mary – How Does Your Garden Grow?

With silver bells, and cockle shells, … etc.

Much to my surprise, my little tomatoes coming up so much better then I had expected them too. I’m not quite sure how the rest of the country is doing, but at least here in Illinois it has been a brutal summer already.  Don’t get me wrong I LOVE the summer, I am definitely a fan of warm weather more than cold weather.  But I’m not a fan of not having any rain.

I honestly can’t remember the last time it has rained, I do know that we are in a drought.  It seems like every time I look at the 10 day weather outlook there is never a chance of rain.  When there is a chance of rain it is only about 30% and then it never comes to fruition. That being said, we do have rain the forecast for today and the next few days.  I am not very confident though that it will actually happen, and if it does that it will be nearly enough.

A couple of years ago we had two Maple trees planted in our front yard.  One of these trees is a Miyabe Maple, which is a very hearty, resistent tree.  That tree now appears to be in full crash mode.  I did call our town arborist and luckily, the tree can be restored with a lot of TLC and water.  I was told to water it from the hose on a slow drip for 3 hours then to make sure the gator bag that is around the tree is full at all times.  The arborist did say with enough water the tree will look good again this season.  Apparently a lot of trees are in distress with the severe heat and lack of rain.

Miyabe Tree

Miyabe Maple in distress due to high temperatures and no precipitation.

I have been very consistent with watering my garden, I do have quite a bit invested in it and it would be horrible to lose my whole garden.  We also planted tomatoes this year.  Actually, we plant tomatoes every year, but this year I had purchased them from an on-line store and had them shipped.  Last years tomatoes were really bad, although I had heard from a number of people that last year was a bad year for tomatoes.  We had a really hot and dry July last year as well.  A couple of years ago we had amazing tomatoes, one’s that the kids would pull right off the vine and eat.  I loved that they were grabbing tomatoes and eating those!  That is my goal for this year again.

So this year I ordered Sungold Tomatoes, which is a very bright colored tomato with an intense fruity flavor.  Perfect for picking right off the vine.  I am so excited to see a lot of little green tomatoes popping up on the vines.  We should, hopefully, have an abundant amount of these little beauties in the next month!

Sungold Tomato

The other tomato I got is the Costoluto Genovese, which is a large, juicy Italian heirloom tomato perfect for slicing, serving fresh or cooking.  They look so adorable on the vine and should, hopefully, be all set to use for some amazing BLT’s in the next month or so!

Costoluto Genovese heirloom tomato

I am keeping my fingers crossed that will start to see some rain, and that our current weather state will not effect our crop of tomatoes.

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