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Don’t you hate when it gets to about 4:00 – 4:30 pm and realize it’s time to start dinner and you have no idea what you are going to make? I don’t know how many times I’ve done this (just about everyday) and then what I want to make is frozen with no time to thaw.

When my oldest was a baby until she was about 4 years old I planned meals with my sister every week.  We would plan our menu’s together and then share some ingredients like fresh herbs and cheeses.  I should say my sister did the meal planning.  She is so good at that, very type A personality.  She is very organized and would make sure the menu consisted of one day of fish, one of pork, one of beef, one of chicken, one of vegetable and all meals had all the sides planned as well.

Our life changed dramatically when we had the twins.  I was completely overwhelmed and felt I could not keep up with this meal planning any more.  Plus, since I had lost my job I couldn’t afford to shop at the same places I was previously shopping at with my sister.

For four years now I have been going through the nightly frustration of not having a clear plan of what we are going to eat.  I did try and start up with my own meal planning sometime ago, but the twins were still very young and I felt like I could go to the store when I needed to every weekend.  My husband has an insane schedule so taking all three with me was, for me, very overwhelming.  Plus, the meal plan I was referring to was not, in my opinion, all that healthy.

I feel our last minute meals are not healthy at all and I’m using much more processed food then ever.  I’m seriously ready to start meal planning again and, through an affiliate, came across a meal planning site called Food on the Table.  I am so excited to start planning meals again!  With this system you can select what food group our want, such as chicken, and then it will recommend different dishes with chicken as it’s main ingredient.  You pick your store, build your meal plan and get your grocery list!  Easy peasy!

Anyone else want to join me in the fight against last minute dinner planning!

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