Migraine, Thunder, and Fish Oh My!

This weekend was a busy one – spent with family and some thunder!

Last night we went to my sister’s for our usual Saturday night pizza.  As always, had a fabulous time!  I absolutely adore how close my sister and I have grown as adults and how close how our children are.  Since my sister is 5 years older then me we were not very close as children – for the most part.  We were in 2 different places all the time.  But now as adults I consider my sister my best friend, other then my husband of course! Family is so very important to both of us.

Coming home last night I started getting a terrible headache.  Honestly I’m not sure if it was a migraine or a sinus headache.  I really think at this point all my “migraines” are sinus headaches now.  I’ve been told be several women that once they went through menopause they no longer got migraines since it is hormone related.  I was actually diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure (Early Menopause) a little over a year after my oldest Megan was born.  I had been diagnosed with Post-partum Hypothyroidism (Hashimoto’s Disease), an autoimmune disease which they feel is the culprit of the Early Menopause.

Sorry, I digressed there!  When we got home I didn’t want to take the last allergy pill since my husband has really bad allergies I didn’t want him to have to go back out last night to get more.  He ended up going out to get more allergy medicine, but by the time I took it my headache was way too far gone.  I don’t recall having a headache that hurt that bad in a long time.  I got very nauseous from it and did throw up which is another thing I never do!  By the time I was able to go to sleep it was about 1 am.

During this whole time we were in the middle of a bad thunderstorm.  Rusty, our dog, is apparently very scared of thunderstorms and was on me like velcro.  i had to let him sleep in the room with us since he was so afraid I wasn’t about to ban him.  We had stopped allowing him to sleep in our room about a month ago due to him taking on some seniority mannerisms towards the kids since sleeping in our room put him at a higher level then the kids.  Keeping him out of our room at night has helped immensely with his attitude towards the kids and the bonus it helped big time with separation anxiety!

Again, I digress…  So Rusty kept waking up and putting his nose on my arm and then our oldest came in the room at about 2:30 in the morning afraid of the thunderstorm so we crammed her in the bed with us.  At about 4:30 am Ethan woke me up to go to the bathroom so I got up with him and then at 6:30 am Anna woke up – for the day.  It was very early for her and I was not very happy.  I was just soooo tired and exhausted from having been sick.  I managed to get her to lay down for a little while longer but by 7 am it wasn’t working out so well so we just got up.

Today we had church in the morning – I love my church and our church community.  I feel so at peace every Sunday!  We then went to see The Lorax with my sister, brother-in-law and their kids and went out to dinner with them.  LOVED The Lorax – it was a great, fun movie.  I would definitely recommend it.  In between all this me took Megan to get a fish – a Beta.  She had filled up her marble jar and so she got to pick something from her list – the fish was it!  Megan has lovingly called this Beta “Silver Tail”.  She had a Beta a couple

years ago that she named “Sweetie Pie”.

I have a feeling tonight is going to be another one of those nights.  We are in the middle of another thunderstorm and already poor Rusty is quite nervous as is Megan.  I believe Rusty thinks of himself as a 40 pound lap dog!

I couldn’t resist, I had to post a picture of the two sound asleep comforting each other’s stress!  They were both snoring too!  🙂

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A Mommy blogger who loves working from home while raising her 9-year-old daughter and 5-year-old boy/girl twins with her husband. I have a passion for learning and enjoy anything having to do with the technical side of blogging. I am also always working on self-improvement and being the best mom I can to my children. I am also a bit of a coffee addict! ❤


  1. […] How to relieve stress in dogs has been a top question of mine for sometime since we rescued Rusty just after Christmas of 2011. Our family really wanted a dog for a pet, but we did not want to start out at the puppy stage. After doing some digging I looked at Australian cattle dogs and that is when we found Rusty.  He is a Red Merle Australian Shepherd, and we love him very much. However, Rusty came some baggage that has had me searching for resolutions on how to deal with stress in dogs. […]

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