Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2018 – Moms, Wives, and Grandmas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Do you make special plans for Mother’s Day? What do your plans usually entail? Gifts, or not gifts? Here are some Mother’s Day gift ideas for you, big and small! For us, Mother’s Day is also normally combined with my moms birthday. Her birthday is May 13th, which can either fall on Mother’s Day or close to it.

Mother's Day gift ideas 2018

Isn’t this a beautiful hummingbird feeder? I love seeing the hummingbirds each year. Did you know the remember from year-to-year where they can find food? Hang it in the same place each each year and you will see your hummingbirds return each year.

Mother's Day gift ideas 2018

Don’t forget food for your hummingbird feeder. I would either use the suggested one below, or make your own. It’s super easy to make by boiling water and adding sugar to the boiling water. Allow the solution to cool before putting it into your feeder. If you choose to buy the nectar instead, don’t use red. Red dye can be harmful to your hummingbirds.

Mother's Day gift ideas - 2018

This necklace may not look like too much from the picture above, but it looks stunning when shown on a person.

Mother's Day gift ideas 2018

I love this wine and cheese set. Perfect for entertaining.

Mother's Day gift ideas 2018

Here is a beautiful wind chime! The heart dangling from the bottom says, “I love you to the moon and back.”

Mother's Day gift ideas 2018.

For the mom who loves coffee or tea!

Mother's Day gift ideas 2018

Here’s a great coffee mug to add some humor to the day! If you have a sister and a family who appreciates humor, this is great!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2018

Gifts for Grandma

Do you have a grandma who still likes a little bling? Here is a suggestion for her:

Mother's Day gift ideas 2018 - for Grandma.

Mother-in-Law, Step-Mother or Grandma

Here is a great gift for a mother-in-law, step-mother, grandma, or anyone who has treated you as their own.

Mother's Day gift ideas for 2018

I love this gift! The ability to infuse drinks with a whole variety of flavors sounds so refreshing and healthy.

Mother's Day gift ideas 2018

I think I’m going to “suggest” the hummingbird feeder and/or the wind chime to my husband and kids! I love sitting outdoors during the summer enjoying the sights and sounds. Our winters are so long, I don’t want to miss any of the warmth!


Mother's Day gift ideas 2018 - for moms, wives, and grandmas!


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