Movie Night Ideas With Netflix #StreamTeam

So, how is that back-to-school routine working out for you so far? For us, this year is more busy than ever. I had always heard it gets more and more busy the older the kids get. Shame on me for not believing it! That statement is proving to be very true in our household. There are days I feel like I’ve barely had any quality time to spend with the kids that is not in the car driving them to an activity of some kind!

Movie Night Ideas

movie night ideas

As nice as it is at times to have the routine associated with school again, I do miss spending time with the kids in a more relaxed setting. It seems we are always rushing around between school, homework, dance practice, band practice, and Awana. The one night each week that seems to be always available is Friday night. During the summer we were unable to keep up with our weekly Movie Night. But now that they are in school again, we have re-instituted our Friday’s as “Movie Night”.

We love choosing our movies from the selection Netflix has to offer. We have an 11 year old, plus we have 7 year old twins. The age difference is wide enough that many of the movies Megan wants to watch, are not that appropriate for Anna and Ethan. That is one of the many reasons why we have such a love for Netflix. There is such a huge selection of movies that are perfect for the whole family.

Here are some movie night ideas that our family has enjoyed watching on Netflix: Disney’s movie “The Pirate Fairies”, Hoodwinked, and The Muppet Movie. Also, my kids really enjoy Mako Mermaids: An H2O Adventure. They had found H2O on Netflix a long time ago and fell in love with that show. When Mako Mermaids appeared, they were beyond excited!

movie night ideas

Of course there are a ton of other movies the kids enjoy watching together as well. However, there are times that Megan and I will have some little mommy / daughter time and we may choose to watch something on Netflix that is geared more towards her age. One of the movies we have watched together is Marvel’s Avengers. Have you seen any of the Disney Marvel movies? We loved watching this one together!

movie night ideas

I love creating family memories. Whether that is with Netflix or some other planned event. They say seeing your child grow up goes by way too fast, and I am starting to agree! Megan is in 6th grade, which in its self is hard to believe. Realistically, I have her for 6 more years before she’s off to college. So, if we get to hang out and watch a movie together, I consider that an awesome day. Be sure to visit Netflix on Twitter to stay current with their latest titles!

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  1. We love movie nights with the kids! And of course DATE NIGHT too! My hubby and I will stream OITNB and House of Cards all night long!

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