Multiple Streams of Income – How To Find Them

We are always interested in learning ways on how to add multiple streams of income to what we are already bringing in. Between the economy taking a dive, people losing their jobs and the general increase in cost of living we have really struggled. The economy does not seem to be recovering anytime soon, which means my husband’s salary increases are still the minimum. Some sources say that salaries increased less than 2% in 2011 and 2012. That is not even meeting standard of living increases at 3%. It is easy to come to the conclusion that many people are looking for ways to supplement their household income through other streams.

multiple streams of income

Multiple Streams of Income

So here are 6 ways to add multiple streams of income to your current salary. Some of these may be a little easier then you thought they would be!

1. Sell Books
Between my husband and I returning to school over the course of the past couple of years, this has been a great option for us in bringing in some additional money. EBay and Amazon are probably the most well known sites to sell books on, but if you search “cash for books” or “sell used books” into your web browser you may find other options. Other options may not involve the fees associated with EBay and Amazon.

2. Blogging
Blogging, go figure! Do you have something to write about that other people may find interesting? Start a blog! Many people have multiple blogs, each with its own niche theme. Monetizing one or several blogs can add some income to your household. This is definitely not a quick way to bring in income and does take a lot of work and dedication. However, if you are able to write well and have something of value to share, it is a wonderful way to help out financially. You will want to research successful blogs and how you go about monetizing them before you get started.

3. Clean Houses
This is something you can do even if you have young children. There are a lot of people who clean houses these days, so you do want to make sure you have a competitive rate. Also, if there is a special service you offer of value that others do not typically offer that will help out. For instance, do you clean with only non-toxic household cleaners? This is a great way to reach those of the same mindset who are looking to hire someone to help out with the cleaning. You can research local cleaning services to find out rates and services that are offered.

4. Pet Sit
Do you love animals of all kinds? Being a competent and trustworthy pet sitter could be a great opportunity for you. Having two pets myself and wanting to get away with the kids is always a struggle. It really does add piece of mind while on vacation knowing that my animals are being well cared for when we are not around. You can determine exactly what you are available to help out with, whether it is dog walking or taking care of multiple animals while people are out of town, you get to decide. Again, you will want to check out rates for other local pet sitters in your area and look to see what services they are not offering that you could add.

5. Tutor
Do you have a knack for helping others when they get stuck on something in math, science, or English? Maybe you can offer your services to local High School students or Elementary School children. Perhaps you could even work with students who have learning disabilities and need to have a proofreader or editor. Perhaps you have a strong talent in art. You could offer to teach a class through your park district of local YMCA. There are some great opportunities that you can explore in this area.

6. Create a Phone App
Are you technology savvy? Phone apps are a hot thing right now. Being able to develop a low cost useful application can be a cash cow for someone who knows their stuff! As technology improves, this makes the process of creating these apps that much smoother.

These are just a few ideas to help generate multiple streams of income to your household. What are you currently doing to help out your family financially? I would love to hear more ideas!



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