Netflix Themed Costumes For Kids and Adults #Streamteam

Each year my kids seem to find it more and more difficult to find a costume they really like. My husband and I rarely dress up for Halloween. However, I have seen some really creative costumes for adults. If you are looking for some inspiration, here are some Netflix themed costumes for you to check out.

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Netflix Themed Costumes


Netflix themed costumes

The Office

This is a super easy costume to assemble for adults. Besides the suit, the hair is key to finishing off this costume.

Netflix themed costumes #Streamteam

Orange Is The New Black

This is one of the hottest shows on Netflix.

Netflix themed costumes. #Streamteam

Pretty Little Liars

Each one of these Liars has a very specific look. This costume is great for teens and young adults. Again, a super easy costume to throw together. It’s just a matter of who you want to look like, Emily, Spencer, Aria, or Hanna.

Netflix themed costumes

Themed Costumes For Kids or Adults


Scooby-Doo is a classic for both adults and kids. Just about everyone would “get” who you were dressed like.

netflix themed costumes

Inspector Gadget

This would be a great kids costume. I love that it has the trench coat. Depending on where you live, this may be of great benefit for you. In the Midwest here our Halloweens have run the gamut as far as weather is concerned. However, most years it entails kids needing to wear a coat which covers up their costume any way.

Netflix themed costumes. #Streamteam

Once Upon A Time

This show puts a nice twist on some classic Disney characters. Duplicating a costume from this show would be very appropriate for all ages.

Netflix themed costumes. #Streamteam


Where do you get your costume inspiration?


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