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Over the years, I have to come to realize how much I prefer having a no contract cell phone. I do not think there have been a time when either my husband or I has not needed to upgrade our phone prior to the typical 2 -year contracts being up. However, if the contact is not up then you either pay a whole lot of money or you are forced to wait until the contract is up.

no contract cell phone

No Contract Cell Phone

If that sounds like a lot of your frustration, then you may appreciate some information about the Zact. Zact is a no contract nationwide mobile service that is available exclusively through Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores. Zact works off the Sprint cellular and data network. It allows their customers to pick their voice, texting, and data plans à la carte.

no contract cell phone

Have you cut your landlines yet? We have not yet, but this is something we do plan on doing. The only reason why we had not is because of the 911 calls going to a central location. Since we have younger kids, we were concerned about them getting confused if one of them were to make that phone call. However, our local police department apparently had budget cuts so all of our 911 calls do end up going to a centralized location anyway!

When we do cut our landline, Zact will definitely be the plan we look into since the average with Zact is only $22 per month. You only pay for what you use. Another cool thing with the Zact service is that it is shareable. This means that you can share the same pool of talk, text and data with your family without having to pay all those line fees.

no contract cell phone

If you are going to have your kids on your phone service, then you will really appreciate the parental controls you also get with Zact. Here are some of the parental controls you have access to:

  • Set allowances on the amount of talk
  • Text and data
  • Set curfews
  • Set allowed or blocked contacts
  • Control which apps your child has access to

Up until recently you could only get the Zact mobile service by going through their website. However, due to their recent partnership with Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores, you can now go to any of the 414 nationwide Best Buy Mobile stores to select your phone and service there.



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