Non-Toxic Products For Beauty, Home, and Body

Shopping for non-toxic products for our home, body, and beauty is a top priority for me. That is one of many reasons I have been a monthly Julep shopper for the past couple of years. Their products are top quality and I love the convenience of having it delivered right to my door.

Non-Toxic Products For Beauty

Julep has an amazing philosophy. Jane Park, founder of Julep said this:

“I wanted to make manicures and pedicures a safer, toxin-free experience for both the women who receive the services and the women who work in the industry.”

Julep’s nail polish is does not contain carcinogens such as formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, and DBP. Their beauty products are also free of toxins.

As a person who suffers from an Autoimmune Disease, Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease, I have become more and more sensitive to ingredients in many  over-the-counter bath, body, and beauty products. In fact, I was recently having a manicure on a regular basis using the salons products. My nails were horrible. They were breaking and peeling constantly. I could not keep any length on them. Since stopping with the manicures, my nails are back to their healthy selves. I really cannot tolerate any products with toxins in them.

There are currently two specials taking place with Julep when you sign up, one is for their Coveted 12-Piece Mini Nail Gift and the other is for their Summer Brights 6-Piece Set.

Aren’t these Mini Nail Color bottles adorable? They are the perfect size to test out (many times) before you invest in a full-sized. This is such a fun gift to receive when you sign up for a Julep Beauty Box with all of their most popular colors.

non-toxic products

The other special, Summer Brights, showcases the Julep nail polish along with a couple other Julep products. For those who would like to give some of their other beauty products a try, this is a great opportunity.

non-toxic products

You want one more deal to check out? If you enroll in a 3-month subscription of Julep, you can get you first beauty box free!

non-toxic products

I was thrilled to see my June Beauty Box arrive the other day. The shades are so light and do a great job at adding just the right amount of color without overwhelming sun kissed skin.

Non-toxic products - June 2016 Julep Beauty Box

Non-Toxic Products for Home and Body

Non-toxic is extremely important to me for my home and family. I’ve been shopping monthly for our family’s household and personal needs with Melaleuca since 2008. They currently have a special through July 15th to start a membership for only $1. If you have questions regarding this online store, leave a comment below.

What “green” products do you use in your household?


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  1. I have found a lot of green cleaning recipes on blogs, and I like to buy the organic, homemade beauty products from shops on Etsy. The makers usually put minimal ingredients in their products.

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