Non-Toxic Yellow Jacket Removal For Your Yard

My children tend to be terrified of any flying insect. Anything other than butterflies or dragonflies makes run and scream. This is one of the reasons I was delighted when presented with the offer to review the new RESCUE! Non-Toxic Yellow Jacket Removal system, as well as one for nuisance flies.

Non-Toxic Yellow Jacket Removal

Non-Toxic Yellow Jacket Removal

Our winters are rather brutal here in Illinois. This past winter was especially challenging with the Polar Vortex making it insanely cold. After being cooped up all winter long, we want to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible throughout the summer. However, my kids go into panic mode when they see a yellow jacket. Also, due to all the rain we have had this summer, there is an abundance of flies, gnats and noseeums. It is hard to enjoy our yard when being bombarded with flying insects and yellow jackets. We keep a non-toxic yard between having a dog, the kids and a vegetable garden so using any type of toxic insect spray is out of the question.

Non-Toxic Yellow Jacket Removal

The RESCUE! OrnamenTrap makes getting rid of pesky flying insects and yellow jackets a very simple process – naturally. The OrnamenTrap comes in 2 pieces. The one piece is the clear plastic liner that is filled with the “bait” to attract the flies or yellow jackets. The other piece is the decorative metallic plastic cover that has the look of copper. All you have to do is fill the plastic liner with water at first to the “Dissolve” line and let it dissolve for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes you can the fill it up to the “Activate” line.

non-toxic yellow jacket removal

Once the liner is filled it can then be put in through the ornamental cover, and then hung in the appropriate locations. For both the fly trap and the yellow jacket trap it is recommended they be hung 20 feet from human activity and 20 feet from any known yellow jacket nests or home entrances.

Non-Toxic Yellow Jacket Removal

OrnamenTrap Fly Trap

There is a simple twist tie that you get with each trap you buy. You can hang these where ever it best suits you. I purchased a couple of shepherd’s hooks for my RESCUE! OrnamenTraps. There were very specific areas of our backyard I thought suited the traps and the shepherd’s hook allowed my to hang them in those locations.

Non-Toxic Yellow Jacket Removal

OrnamenTrap Yellowjacket Trap

We have been very happy with how much better our backyard has been with flies and yellow jackets since hanging the OrnamenTrap. I also appreciate that there are no killing agents in the OrnamenTraps, insects simply drown. These traps are made in the USA and can be found throughout the US. For a location near you, you can search by zip code on their retailer map.

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