Not Panicking Over Finances This Holiday Season

Not Panicking Over Finances This Holiday Season

As many of you may (or may not) know, we’ve been in a financial dilemma for almost 2 years now. However, not panicking over finances this holiday season is how I am choosing to live. It’s not easy, but it can be attained.

Not panicking over finances this holiday season.

I’ve realized that being in a panic does not resolve anything. In fact, when I really allow myself to have a full-out panic attack I shut down getting nothing accomplished.

Another problem with financial worry for me, is I have a hard time concealing my fear. I tend to be very open with my children, especially our oldest. However, recently my daughter told me it stresses her out. I suppose it was TMI. The problem is the kids ask for things, and when I say “not now”, they tend to not give up easily. The more they ask, they more stressed I get…eventually blurting out our predicament.

What Changed?

There are a few things I’m currently doing that has helped me cope better with stress. Some of my coping mechanisms are through prayer, exercise, and deep breathing. I pray for guidance on how to relieve our financial burden. I exercise to increase those endorphins, bring out the feel good hormones. Lastly, deep breathing helps in the moment of the panic.

Overall, I’ve been more active in trying to increase our cash flow. I believe this has helped me feel more in control. A few months ago I was diagnosed with elevated glucose, which had actually really effected my concentration and energy level. It seems ever since I changed my diet and started lowering my glucose, my energy and motivation has come back full swing.

It’s kind of funny how just when I really need to get my act in gear, I get the diagnosis I need to help increase my stamina and interest in working again.

How do you handle stress around the holidays?


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