Nothing Like a Little Humor to Make You Feel Better #NetflixKids

As a family, we do get vaccinated for the flu each year. My husband works as a paramedic and comes in contact with a lot of sick people. The more protected we can be, the better I feel! The one thing I had not expected to be hit with this year was Strep Throat.


This past Friday, both my oldest daughter (Megan) and I were diagnosed with Strep Throat. It had been 20 years since I had Strep Throat. It took a whole lot more out of me than it did when I had it in the past. During this time, my husband was gone for 60 hours between the fire department and a lifesavers course he had to teach. Thank goodness my kids are not any younger, since I was pretty out of it for a couple of days!

Megan did not seem to be quite as effected by Strep as I was. She mostly had the high fever and a slight sore throat. Even so, she needed to stay relaxed. One way I was able to keep the kids relaxed, close by and out of trouble was with some of the fun, kid-friendly movies on Netflix. There is nothing like a little humor to make you feel not so miserable!


My kids always enjoy the Beverly Hills Chihuahua movies. Recently we saw the movie Hoodwinked, which was a really fun movie for the kids too!

If you have younger children, they also have a wide assortment of programs for their age group as well. My kids always loved shows like Sesame Street and Magic School Bus.

#NetflixKidsWith this being flu and cold season, it is always nice to have some great kid-friendly movies available to keep their minds off of their aches.

Are you looking for a project to do a snow day with your kids. How about creating a Dream Catcher? All of my children have these in their room to “catch” all the bad dreams during the day if napping or during the night. Find complete instructions here to craft your own Dream Catcher.



Do not forget, when you have Netflix Streaming you can view your favorite programs anytime and any where.


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