One Of The Best – Big Hero 6 You Will Love It!

I think I’m in love, and it is with someone other than my husband! It’s a large white marshmallow looking robot named Baymax. Have you seen it yet? Big Hero 6? It’s the newest Disney Film that hit theaters this past weekend.


I had the privilege to took the kids to see the screening of the film a week before it opened. It was an unbelievable good movie that had me and the kids glued to the screen. However, there are some sad parts in the film that can leave the tender-hearted crying. My daughter Anna was one of them – she was a sobbing mess. However, if through all that, she absolutely loved the movie.

Disney Big Hero 6

The movie revolves around a boy-genius named Hiro. Both he and his brother, Tadashi, live with their aunt since their parents are dead. It’s a Disney thing, right? Anyway, Tadashi is what Hiro likes to call a “Nerd”. Tadashi is pretty intelligent himself, creating a robotic medical aide, Baymax, at the local university. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes the city of San Fransokyo and Tadashi, which sends Hiro into the midst of danger.

Big Hero 6

He turns to Baymax and his close friends to help him uncover the mystery behind the tragedy by transforming his friends and Baymax into a band of high-tech heroes called “Big Hero 6.”

Baymax really steals your heart in this movie. He may be a robot, but is totally lovable. My oldest actually made a statement which just astounded me…”Better than Frozen.” What??? You sang “Let It Go” for months and months after seeing that movie. It just goest to show you how much of an impact Big Hero 6 really did have on her.


Go see this movie, but don’t forget to bring the kids and a box of Kleenex!

You can find BIG HERO 6 on Facebook, as well as their website.

Stay connected with Walt Disney Animation Studios on Twitter and their Tumblr site.

BIG HERO 6 is in theaters everywhere now!

Have you seen Big Hero 6? What was your favorite part?



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