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Each year my kids make their Christmas list on a large sheets of paper and, generally just add on to it as they see more things they want.  However, usually by the time we are actually ready to sit down and look at the list and decide what we are going to get off that list it is no where to be found.  Another common problem is that my in-laws may come by to visit and the kids will give them their Christmas list to take with them so then we do not have a copy of what they wanted.  I am really excited the kids have GiftBirdy to keep track of all the items they would like for gifts.

Online Wish List

GiftBirdy is a website where parents can create accounts for their children to make an online wish list of gifts they would like from family and friends. There are also some cute kid-friendly games on this site as well, which is one of the ways kids are able to earn “feathers”.  Feathers can be earned through various ways.  Feathers earn eggs that then hatch into special pets called “bambinos”.

I love that this is a kid friendly site and safe for kids to be on.  GiftBirdy works Truste to assure they are COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) compliant.  Also, while kids are shopping, they can actually make several different lists. This is a great feature so you can differentiate between lists such as for birthday and Christmas.  I also really like that you can share these lists with other people through email.

It is super easy for kids to maneuver around the site.  When you first go on to their website you will be at the home page, which is where you will be able to create you child’s account.  Once your account is created, you can then see the welcome message that is presented by Woogie.  Woogie is that cute little purple guy on the home page.

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There is a welcome message presented by Woogie on the home page as well.  Below is that brief message that tells you a little about what GiftBirdy is for your children.

Kids are then able to either search for products by name and add them to their gift list, or they can search by different categories, such as gender, age and type of item.  I was a little concerned that my kids would start throwing items on their wish list that cost $100’s of dollars.  We made a rule that nothing over $30 goes on their list without permission.

If you get a little lost while on their website, there is a great help video to walk you through the site.  Here is what the video looks like below:

Star List

GiftBirdy is featuring wish lists by kids favorite tween and teen stars.  The first star celebrity that is being featured by GiftBirdy is Bailee Madison. In addition to sharing fun items, she also promotes two children’s charities to encourage kids to consider others. See attached screenshot of “Star List”.

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GiftBirdy Giveback is a program that encourages compassion and philanthropy by encouraging children to add a small donation to a children’s charity to their gift list. And to set a good example, GiftBirdy has pledged to donate a percentage of profits to a variety of deserving non-profit organizations that work tirelessly for children.  Isn’t this an awesome extra to this website?

Another thing you will love about this site, like I do, is it is Ad free. I urge you to visit GiftBirdy today.  I think this will save you and your kids a lot of time and effort when it comes to gift selection and buying.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post from One2One Network and Gift Birdy. All opinions stated are my own.

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