Organizing Small Spaces

As I’ve mentioned before, we live in a rather small house for 5 people, and as much as would love to get into something a little more accommodating I honestly don’t see us going any where soon.  So given that, I am always on the look out on how organizing small spaces can help us out.  Get things off the floor or just set up the room to give us more living space.

Currently we are in the process of moving the two girls into the one room while Ethan gets his own room.  Right now they all share one room – by choice!  Megan had her own room but decided she didn’t like being the only one sleeping in a room by herself so she moved in with the twins.  I’m not sure how Ethan will do in his own room, but between him and Anna he would probably do better.  Mainly because he is such a good sleeper!  When his head hits the pillow, he’s out.  So, I’ve been looking at ways to organize the bedroom for the girls.  I even found some really cool ways for setting up a room for 3 children in one room!

This would probably take up a little too much space, but I do like how the lower bed has the dresser and light there.

A really unique idea.  It really does compact everything, considering the dresser is actually under the one bed!


I think these are great ideas for adding a little privacy…especially for the older child!

Below are some really cool ideas when you 3 children in one room.


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I am a work from home mom who dearly loves her 15-year-old daughter, 11-year-old boy/girl twins, and husband. I love my life and feel very blessed by what God has provided for me.


  1. Bina C Edwards says

    I know what you mean when you say a small space, we’re a family of four in less then 1000 sq ft, but I am thankful for owning are own home and with my son graduating from HS this year, our house will soon be too big!!! I always wanted a bigger house but my wise daughter once said to, be thankful for what you have!!! And who wants a big big house to clean all day long anyways??? 

  2. Thanks for the great ideas! I also live in a small space, & am always looking for tips.

  3. What cute ideas. I really love the kid’s beds!

  4. Nancy Moreno says

    This r some great ideas when trying to make three kids go into a small room:)

  5. Debbie Campbell says

    Great ideas! I am getting ready to move into a smaller place, so I will need to get creative with space!

  6. Wow, those are wonderful ideas and they look great! I have twins and I am sure I will be using space saving ideas when they get a bit older! Lol.

    Many blessings! Fellow WAHM!

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