Outdoor Living Space to Create More Indoor Space

As I have mentioned in the past, our biggest dilemma right now is space.  We live in a smallish house.  We love the neighborhood but would love a little more room. There is no separation of kids who want to play, and adults who need to get work done. Creating additional outdoor living space can help create additional indoor space.

Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living space, making your indoor space larger.

There are only a few options we have to resolve this lack of space issue.

  1. Sell and buy a larger home, which I do not think is realistic at this point.  Since the decline of the economy our house depreciated so much in value that we would barely even get enough money for our home to cover our outstanding mortgage, let alone have any money for a down payment on a new home.  Besides that, we are really not in the financial position to purchase a new home.
  2. Extend our second floor over our living room, which has a cathedral ceiling.  This would involve raising the roof, and obviously a lot of expense.
  3. Create more outdoor living space by building an enclosed, heated sunroom.

Currently, I try hard to make better use of our living space by getting rid of clutter and having things mounted on the wall wherever possible.  Although with having young children there still seems to be a lot of “stuff”.  As they get older though we are able to get rid of some of the larger items that they no longer play with, such as their kitchen set.  It was wonderful at the time, but now I am ready to have space back!

Outside we have some of their larger outdoor toys such as a slide, climbing cube and sandbox in a 20 x 20 mulched area.  This is the area I am thinking we can do something with the kids, as they get older.  I considered getting a canopy with outdoor furniture and a fire pit, which sounds nice but I do not know how practical it would be in the middle of winter or at the hottest time of the summer.

Outdoor Living Space

I would somehow like to make that area an outdoor living space where the kids can go to hang out and/or play.  Perhaps an enclosed Sun Room?  We may be limited to the 10 feet again, which may be okay.  It would trade off though since we have a small yard, it would take up a considerable amount of our yard.

Outdoor Living Space

I like the decor of this one!


Outdoor Living Space

This one would be better for us without so much glass. It would need to be level to the ground though.

It seems that by the time we have this figured out it may not even be worth it anymore!  Have you ever added an addition or created more living space for your family?  I am curious how others have resolved this problem!

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  1. Screen house put up outside lol
    we did it

  2. Hey Lisa, did you build that for extra living space? How does that work out for the kids?

  3. I love the first picture, of inside a house. It looks sort of like a green house. So cozy! 🙂

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