Patriotic Fabric Wreath Tutorial

One of my favorite ways to relax is making a craft or a DIY project for the house. It is also something I have in common with my daughters. One of my favorite things to do it to sit with my girls while we work on a craft project and just talk. When I am crafting, I try to find projects that will really deliver when it comes to visual impact. If you want a craft that is a real showstopper, my Patriotic Fabric Wreath is the real deal. Once this wreath is completed, it is just gorgeous!

patriotic-fabric-wreath horiz

I am going to be upfront with you. This is a craft project that takes some time to complete. The good thing is you don’t have to be very precise or technical, so you can watch TV, listen to music or chat with your favorite people. This Patriotic Fabric Wreath took me about 3 evenings to complete because I had to stop and start. From cutting the fabric to placing your last scrap in the ring, it takes about 3 hours to make this visually stunning Patriotic Fabric Wreath.

What You Will Need:

12 Inch Floral Foam Wreath Ring
**1/2 Yard of Fabric (44 inches wide), in 6 different patterns
Wooden Skewer or chopstick
Ribbon, Hot Glue, & Thumbtacks (for hanging)

patriotic fabric wreath supplies

Before we jump into this Patriotic Fabric Wreath Tutorial, let’s talk about the fabric. You have two options here and depending on what you decide will determine how much fabric you need. Most fabric has a right and a wrong side. Some fabric looks the same on both sides. If you find a fabric that is the same on both sides, you do not need as much fabric. You will only need 2 yards plus 3 inches. If you use quilting fabric, like I did, you have to fold your fabric, so you will use more. It will also make a difference in the dimensions of the fabric you will cut.

If you have the single sided fabric, cut the fabric in strips, approximately 1 inch wide and 3 inches long. Don’t worry about being exact because when they are in the wreath, it won’t make a difference. If you are using the one sided fabric, you will need to cut your fabric strips 1 inch wide and 6 inches long. (Keep your different patterns in separate piles.)

patriotic fabric wreath 2

If you are using double sided fabric, fold one strip in half and place the skewer or chopstick point side down, in the middle of the fabric, on the fold. Press into the floral wreath, about 1/4″ or so down into the foam.

patriotic fabric wreath 3

Place the fabric strips approximately 1/4 to 1/2 inch apart. Your goal is to have as little of the foam base show as possible. Continue filling in the wreath covering the front, sides and inner circle.
fabric wreath

Once you are done inserting the fabric, you are ready to hang your Patriotic Fabric Wreath. Attach the ribbon to the side of wreath with hot glue. Just before the glue sets, add thumbtacks for additional support. Once the ribbon is in place, continue filling in the side of the wreath with additional fabric strips.

Patriotic Fabric Wreath pin

You can also make this fabric wreath for any season or occasion you like. I think a wreath with Christmas colors would look so awesome! Want more fun crafts? Try these adorable Fabric Covered Flower Pots for the garden or your windowsill! Want a great patriotic treat to go with your wreath? How about these Layered Jello Cups?!




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