Planning A Destination Wedding What Are The Advantages?

Planning a Destination Wedding

It seems more and more people are planning their weddings to take place somewhere other than where they live.  I know of people who have made arrangements to get married on tropical, beautiful islands such as the Bahamas.  Which is technically outside of the USA so whoever does go is required to get a passport.  Then there are those who plan their wedding in Hawaii, which at least does not require a passport…but is still very expensive.  Lastly there are those who stay within the U.S. but do not have the long flight like to Hawaii.

Planning A Destination Wedding

I really can appreciate why more and more people are planning a destination wedding.  Planning for a destination wedding allows you more creativity and flexibility.  You are no longer required to meet all of the requirements of a traditional wedding.  Also, your wedding is much more personable.  With a destination wedding it is usually just close family and close friends who would actually end up paying to go to a destination wedding.  One last advantage to having a destination wedding is that normally there are wedding planners who will then take care of all the little details while the soon to be married couple takes care of the big stuff.

There are so many beautiful banquet halls throughout the United States, and I am sure throughout the entire country!  There is a gorgeous banquet hall in Redondo Beach, California that is right on the beach with an ocean view and a golf course.   Then there are the banquet halls in Dallas, TX that offers different sized banquet room depending on the size of your party.  That is a nice feature since most banquet halls require at least a 100-guest minimum.  Lastly, there is North Carolina.  There is a beautiful little Inn called The Peacock Inn, in Newton, NC.  It used to be a farm but was then turned into a bed & breakfast that has a banquet hall for weddings.  They named it The Peacock Inn because of all its peacocks!

Of course, if you are going to stay and honeymoon in the area, you need to have an idea of the venues that are in the areas of the banquet halls.  The Peacock Inn does not necessarily have this problem since it is also a Bed & Breakfast!  For the Dallas folks there are the Dallas west end restaurants, which look fabulous.  As far as California goes, since it is right on the beach I am sure there are some fabulous seafood restaurants.

What are your thoughts on destination weddings?  My husband and I are actually celebrating our 10-year wedding anniversary tomorrow, on October 12th!  We had a traditional wedding, although we both have small families so our guest list was below 100, which definitely helped out financially.

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  2. I enjoyed this read. My fiance and I are actually from Wyoming but have planned an outdoor fall wedding in Pennsylvania. It’s simply breathtaking that time of year. We decided we wanted a reception hall with a “historic feel” and decided upon The Corinthian in Sharon, PA. It’s a gorgeous three-story restored building with an exceptional staff and superb menu. I know it’s asking a lot of out-of-town guests but I hope my closest friends and family will be there to share our special dream.

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