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This Potty Training At Night post is brought to you by the Bedwetting Store.

Potty training at night can be challenging, and for us nighttime bedwetting, or nocturnal enuresis, is something we are very familiar with in our household.  They say it takes longer for boys to be completely potty trained, but my experience with two girls and a boy has been the opposite. The Bedwetting Store is a store I had shopped at several years ago, so when they contacted me about reviewing a couple of their products I was excited. I knew they would perfect for Anna with her potty training at night.

potty training at night

When Megan was a toddler she potty-trained very easily for both day and night. However, within a few months she started wetting her bed at night more and more frequently until eventually it was nightly again. Upon discussing this with her pediatrician, we put her back in pull-ups and decided to see if nature would take its course and she would grow out of her nighttime bedwetting by the time she was six years old.

When Megan was still in pull-ups at 5 years old we then started discussing what steps we could take she turned six years old. It was suggested that we use a bedwetting alarm. I did some research and felt this was a good direction for us to take. We did end up taking that route when Megan turned six, and within a couple of days she was no longer wetting the bed at night. In fact, now at almost ten, she has not had an accident since.

Potty Training at Night

Lightening struck twice in our household, the exact same thing is now occurring with Anna. When Anna was a toddler she was potty trained easily, for day and night. Again, like Megan, eventually ended up in pull-ups and we find ourselves potty training at night again with the bedwetting alarm. However, unlike Megan, Anna tends to sleep through the alarm so is taking a bit more time for nighttime potty training. Luckily we do have an alarm with sounds and vibration so we can hear the alarm and help get her up to us the potty. Also, thank goodness we have the Sofnit 300 Resusable Underpads for those nighttime messes.

The Sofnit 300 Reusable Underpads make nighttime bedwetting much easier since instead of changing the entire bed, all you do is change out the underpad. I love not having to keep my daughter up any longer than necessary and not having to make an entire bed in the middle of the night. The one side of the underpad is absorbant while the other side is shielded with waterproof backing so it does not leak through on to the fitted sheet. Therefore, avoiding middle of the night bedsheet changes.

If you are not familiar with the bedwetting alarm, it is an alarm the has a clip on end that attaches to the outside of close fitting underwear where wetness would first occur while the other end of attaches to pajamas up by the shoulder. It then goes off at the first sign of moisture. Your child will automatically stop the flow of urination with the sound of the alarm, then the goal is to get to the bathroom quickly to complete the task in the toilet. Gradually your child will learn to respond to the feeling of a full bladder by waking up and going to the bathroom before the alarm goes off. Alarm training is a type of behavioral conditioning and is very effective, even for the soundest of sleepers.

Potty Training At Night

Currently we are 6 1/2 weeks into the program of using the bedwetting alarm with Anna, and although she is still very inconsistent, we have had more nights then ever of her staying dry or getting up on her own to use the potty before the alarm goes off. There is a book we had received with our alarm through the Bedwetting Store called Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness, by Renee Mercer, MSN, CPNP. This is a great book that really walks you through the process of nighttime dryness and helps answer a lot of questions.

Through the Bedwetting Store, you can purchase the Dry-Me bedwetting alarm ($49.95), the book, “Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness” ($14.95), and the Sofnit 300 Reusable Underpad $7.95 for a small or $9.95 for a medium.

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