Pre-Christmas Family Events

First of all MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!  I hope everyone is enjoying this special day.  I cannot believe today is Christmas.  All the work and planning that goes into this day and then 10 minutes of unwrapping and it’s done!  Not really done, but all that anticipation is finally over.

Our Christmas celebration actually started on Friday.  Traditionally we go over to my mom’s house for Christmas sometime within the week after Christmas since she likes to have us and all of the grandchildren over.  The only thing is that then we always feel that Christmas is lasting way too long.  This year we did Christmas at my mom’s house before Christmas, which was very nice.

Christmas 2012 at mom's house

Christmas at mom’s house.

Then on Saturday we all went over to a friend’s house.  I have been getting together with this group of friends for over 20 years now for Christmas.  During this time we have been single, married, and now with our children.  The kids do a grab bag of their own while the adults do a grab bag of their own.  There is a ton of food and, really just a great time to catch up with each other and allow the kids to play.

On Sunday, we went had church in the morning and then our church had its Christmas Eve service Sunday evening.  It was beautiful and peaceful.  The kids loved it too.

Christmas Eve we go to my in-laws to celebrate with my husband’s family.  My mother-in-law makes a huge spread of food, and everyone pitches in by brining food to share as well.  We all have a wonderful time exchanging gifts and eating way too much food!  We brought our dog this year.  We rescued him last year after Christmas and he is used to having someone home with him pretty much all the time.  We have been on the go so much that lately that he has been trying to run out the door with us!

I was glad we were able to bring him with us.  Not only does it help with his socialization but it also prevented him from being left alone at home.

Christmas Eve 2012

Megan on her new bean bag chair with Rusty (our dog).

One of my goals this year was getting Anna and Ethan a toy that would be somewhat equivalent to Megan’s iPod, but more age appropriate and not nearly the huge investment.  I got them both a MobiGo, and they were (and still are) a huge hit!

Christmas Eve 2012

Ethan playing his new MobiGo

Christmas Eve 2012

Anna playing with her new MobiGo.

Finally back at home, we followed through on our Christmas Eve tradition and each kid opened one gift…their Christmas Eve pajama’s!  They even got me a pair of P.J.’s!

Christmas Eve 2012

Ethan, Megan and Anna in their new Christmas jammies – 2012!




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  1. Stephanie Larison says

    Looks like a lot of fun, and I am loving the pj’s, those are adorable!

  2. wow sound like you had fun it sound like what we sued to do when we were younger we have alrge family so we got up on xms day open stocking and then watied to dad and mo got up and then we go to grandma for dinner and the rest of the fmaily and gifts when i got married we had to go to my mom and my grand then home ot in laws long day

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