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You never know when some major accident will happen that will take you or your spouse out of work. Are you prepared financially if that happens?

Several years ago, just a couple of weeks before Christmas, my husband and I were moving our son’s train table to make room for the Christmas Tree. Unbeknown to me, the boards in the train table just lay in there without being secured, so when we tipped the train table over the boards fell out and slammed into my husbands big toe. This took him down for a long time, literally on the floor. I have never seen this poor man in so much pain. Long story short, he broke his big toe and this took him out of work for 6 weeks.

My husband works two jobs. He has a full-time job with benefits and works as a Fire Fighter/Paramedic at a part-time Fire Department. However, he works full-time as well at his part-time job. His part-time income is crucial to us making ends meet financially. This could not have happened at a worse time. Here it was Christmas and we were down a significant portion of our income.

prepare for a medical emergency

An emergency had struck and we were not prepared. We were living paycheck to paycheck and did not have an emergency fund set up. This is also the time we learned of AFLAC.

Preparing For a Medical Emergency

How do you start preparing for a medical emergency? It is very wise to have an emergency fund set up for the “just in case”. Another thing you want to do is have a flexible spending account. Lastly, have supplemental insurance such as AFLAC.

Did you know that the leading cause of bankruptcy is medical debt? 

AFLAC is the number one provider of supplemental and guaranteed-renewable insurance in the United States. Although we had, and still do have, medical insurance, there are many incurring expenses we were responsible for out-of-pocket. Besides the high deductible and co-payments, it was the day-to-day items, such as mortgage, utilities and groceries; we still had to pay for, even though my husband was out of work.

AFLAC pays for the things your major medical does not pay for. For us, we estimated what my husband earns each month from the fire department and then our monthly insurance payment is based on that salary amount. That way, should my husband be out of work again we are not without that money since AFLAC will pay us that salary amount. Also, it does compensate you for other things such as a trip to the emergency room, ambulance service, follow up visits, and more.

preparing for a medical emergency

AFLAC has this great new interactive tool call the Real Cost Calculator. This tool takes some basic information to evaluate how much an accident, such as one of my children breaking his/her leg, and calculates what the out-of-pocket expenses would be. When I entered in my age and gender, it estimated that a broken leg of one of my children would cost us $11,678. This is the amount that would not be covered by your primary insurance.

The Real Cost Calculator breaks your expenses down into three categories:

  • Medical expenses not covered by primary insurance.
  • Household expenses while out on injury.
  • Out-of-Pocket expenses such as childcare and transportation.

Emergency Strikes Again

The unexpected happened again to my husband! This past New Year’s Eve we took our children roller-skating with my sister and her family. This accident lead to my husband having a broken elbow that required surgery. This took him out of his full-time job for 3 months and he is still not back at the Fire Department. This has been a long, and stressful haul but thankfully we have AFLAC this time. This truly has saved us from losing everything.

How are you prepared for the unexpected medical emergency?

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  1. Bre Dale says

    Ouch! Poor hubby! It’s amazing how things can all change so fast? I hope that it is all back on track soon for you guys. That’s a great tool from Aflac.

  2. So sorry that your family is going through all this. I hope that your husband is back in tip top shape again really soon.
    Dawn recently posted..Win a Car Cover from Empire Covers {US Ends 5/27} #SummerSplash #sponsored @Empire_CoversMy Profile

  3. It’s crazy how things can happen so fast and leave us on a different trail than we though we were going on. Glad you have Aflac in place this time to make things a little easier.
    Brandy Myers recently posted..New Chick-fil-A FreshMade Menu + Coupon GiveawayMy Profile

  4. Broken toes HURT. It pays to have disability insurance and anything else you can afford. I know….’cause you don’t know what life is going to throw at you.
    Patty recently posted..Rice Salad with Tangerine Balsamic Vinaigrette #adMy Profile

  5. Jenna Wood says

    AFLAc really goes beyond your regular medical insurance to provide total care for overall health emergencies, income wise, and even emotionally!

  6. We love Aflac!!
    Krista recently posted..God’s Warhorses! – A Story of Cancer and the Power of God!My Profile

  7. What a great story of how AFLAC worked for you!
    SHELLEY R ZUREK recently posted..Illness Costs, Real Expenses of Medical IllnessMy Profile

  8. I need to look closer at Aflac. I’m not sure what we would do if either of us had to go without work. We are seriously living paycheck to paycheck right now, we can’t make it if someone was to have to go without pay for a few weeks. We are trying to set up emergency fund, but it’s slow in coming when the Hub’s car just blew a tire and all we had saved up just went to pay for that stupid car. 🙁
    Amber Edwards recently posted..DIY Pedicure at home, How to get your feet Summer Ready and showcase your #NaturalBeautyMy Profile

  9. I am so glad my new job covers medical emergencies…I can only imagine how much it costs!
    Cinny recently posted..A #Frockstar and her puppies, #BlogPaws edition…My Profile

  10. I have been wondering if AFLAC would be a good addition to our insurance. I’ll ask my hubby about it.
    Jenn recently posted..Home Exercise Equipment: Sirius Strap ReviewMy Profile

  11. I hear about AFLACK all the time – really want to set somet ime aside to look into it
    Lena recently posted..Lifestyle Hydration: Active Style BottlesMy Profile

  12. i have been hearing a lot about AFLAC and its so scary ow high medical expenses are these days. I am very fortunate to have the majority of my medical expenses covered by my hubbies military insurance

  13. Ooouch. I hope he’s feeling better! Good thing you have AFLAC!
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  14. Great news, I hope most of the persons use AFLAC service while faced any emergency.

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