Preparing Kids to Go Back to School Stressfree

Preparing kids to go back to school at be easier said then done in some cases. My oldest daughter has anxiety. She worries way more than any 10 year old should every worry. The end of third grade and all of fourth grade was really rough for her. I am sure that fifth grade will prove to be even more stressful.

preparing kids to go back to school

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Preparing Kids to Go Back to School

So how do we go about preparing kids to go back to school? Obviously not all kids are going to have this much stress associated with returning to school, but some may feel a little anxious. Starting a new grade, with a new teacher, and new kids in a classroom can always be at least a little daunting.

Here are a few ways to help kids easy back into school life:

1. One way you can help your kids get ready to return to school is by re-establishing school routines. At least a week or two before school starts, begin having kids go to bed at their “school” time. They need to adjust their body clocks to going to bed earlier and getting up earlier. You will also want to practice eating breakfast, getting dressed, and out the door for school as well.

2. Make play dates with school friends so they can re-kindle friendships.

3. If you have an anxious child like mine, talk to them about their feelings. Tell them that it is completely normal to be nervous when starting a new year of school. Tell them it is also good to journal their feelings. Journaling is a great coping mechanism, and in helping to relieve stress.

4. Find out who their teacher and classmates are for the year. Again, if your child is excessively anxious – make sure you establish a good dialog with the teacher. If the teacher is on the same page as you and your child, it will help make the transition run more smoothly.

5. Have school supplies and clothes bought in plenty of time so you are not running around getting these items at the last minute. You really want to keep things organized, which naturally reduces stress.

6. If they are packing a lunch, pick out healthy food items and snacks.

7. If possible, visit the school with your child to familiarize them with the building. You can show them where their homeroom and the bathrooms are located.

One thing I have found that helps with transitioning back to school is to eliminate as many surprises as possible. Being able to have kids properly prepared gives them more time to process things that will in turn relieve stress.




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  1. We had a very stress free back to school here at our house. Great tips!
    Tiffany C. recently posted..Wordless Wednesday with linky: Jasmine’s artMy Profile

  2. These are all great tips. I try to get a contact list of kids in my sons class before school starts so we can set up play dates before hand and get acquainted.

  3. great pointers. We homeschool but could still use some of these tips, thank you for sharing!

  4. I think all schools should have open house prior to first day. Walking around the school and seeing/touching everything would probably be great for newbies.
    Melissa recently posted..Wordless Wednesday- Recycled Tire Playground in Maryland #HomeGrownTravelsMy Profile

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