Raising A Tween Should Come With A Handbook

Do you ever question whether or not your parenting skills are up to snuff? My tween is making me question myself about 30 times a day. If only raising a tween came with a handbook, I think life would be so much easier!

Raising A Tween Requires A Handbook

raising a tween

I have to admit there are many that I have not put in place, which should have been years ago. I huge thing I have not put in place is chores. I realize this is a must. It helps teach them taking responsibility, doing their part in helping to maintain the house, and teaches them how to help maintain their own home when they move out at some point. Also, if I had already implemented chores as a routine, I would maybe not receive so much attitude whenever they are asked to do something.

raising a tween

Of course I have an entire list of excuses for not implementing these things, but really they are just excuses. This is something that needs to start now.

Recently a neighbor asked Megan to walk her dog for her while she was gone for the day. Megan loved doing this for her, and even earned a little bit of money. Here is the other thing I have not started with my children is learning how to be financially responsible. This is also a major one for us to get moving on. Neither my husband nor I were ever really taught how to be financially responsible. We have had to learn the hard way. This is definitely a lesson I would like to teach my children without them having to learn the hard way.

My neighbor and I were talking one day and she mentioned that she had not started the kids with chores yet either. Sometimes it’s just easier to do it yourself. Although that may be true, in the long run it is not helping anyone. Several weeks later one of her kids said they couldn’t play until after they were finished with their chores. What??? I immediately text Jill to find out what she did. She told me she purchased the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Junior kit for each of her children. Not only does this kit help to start teaching kids about money, but also incorporates chores into it.

raising a tween

Awesome idea, right? With Megan now starting to do things that brings in a little bit of money, it is really important to use she learn not to spend all of it. Knowing that a portion of money should go to savings, another portion to tithing, and the rest to spend will help her so much down the road.

Our one major difficulty in all of the chore stuff has had to do with allowance. Not that children should be paid to help do their part around the house, but they should be able to earn money for the extras. As I mentioned, neither my husband nor I had any type of role model to help us build a strong sense of financial planning. We are still recovering from our own mistakes and have not had that extra money to grant any type of allowance.

I plan to order three of the Financial Peace Junior kits this Friday, as well as a His & Hers Envelope System for my husband and I. My hope is that this will help us get our finances in even better shape. Also, I believe it will allow me to have the money for allowance, as well as the other necessary bills. Once I purchase the Envelope System, I will also receive a free PDF download on how to use the system.

I will keep you posted on how well the Financial Peace Junior kids work, as well as the His & Hers Envelope system. The next order of business will be to work on that tween attitude that pops up in just about any situation. Ugh.

I would love to hear what you’ve put in place with your kids for chores and financial responsibilities. Also, what are your tween struggles?




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