Remotely Control Indoor Lighting With Hue

How would you like to experience home living at all all new level? Home lighting can transform home life forever. Thanks to to Hue, and the ability to remotely control indoor lighting, you can set the mood and color schemes at the touch of a button.

Remotely Control Indoor Lighting

Remote control indoor lighting

The Hue wireless lighting systems allows you to adjust your bulb colors, timers, alerts and more from your phone or mobile device. The bulbs, accessory lights and bridge work with your Wi-Fi to let you create mood-setting color schemes, or enjoy the right light setting for reading, relaxing, concentrating and many more. You can also easily maintain an automatic schedule while you’re vacationing – so that it looks like you’re home.

remotely control indoor lighting

Besides the Hue Starter Kit, the other component necessary to create your wireless light system is the Nighthawk DST Wireless Router. This router was just released on October 4th and was exclusively developed by Netgear and Best Buy to provide an all-in-one solution to support their home’s connected devices.

remotely control indoor lighting

This high-performance router was created to support 10+ connected devices. If you think about it, most people already have that many devices as it is. Between cell phones, computers, tables, digital TV, and the children’s electronics the amount of data you typically have being streamed at once can put a significant amount of strain on your home network. However, the Nighthawk Wireless Router is an “AC” router which allows for a faster connection and a stronger signal. It was truly designed with bandwidth intensive applications, gaming, and videos in mind.

Included with the Nighthawk is the DST, Dead Spot Terminator, adapter. It eliminates Wi-Fi dead zones in your home. You place it in an area where you get little/no reception, to improve Wi-Fi access. Bam, works!

remotely control indoor lighting

The Hue Go is a portable, completely wire free smart light that offers a lot of versatility for any lighting need. You can take it or put it anywhere: plug it in or carry it with you with up to 3 hours of rechargeable battery life. You can control lighting with the on/off switch on the light, or via the hue app.

There are an infinite amount of possibilities for this lighting. It can be used it as personal reading light in a dark room, to create bright lighting in a room with little existing lighting or no electrical outlets, used it as a kid’s night light, take it outside to provide ambience on the patio or anywhere within your home.

The Hue Go can help you to wake up fresh and energized in the morning with deep dimming. The gradually increasing light intensity gives you the feeling you are waking up from sunrise – gently and naturally. It offers 5 patented “natural dynamic effects”: Cozy Candle, Sunday Coffee, Meditation, Enchanted Forest, and Night Adventure. Each dynamic effect has its own mix of colors to set the right mood.

remotely control indoor lighting

Manage your Hue lights from your smartphone or tablet and all Hue lights work together. The free iOS- and Android-compatible app lets you adjust colors, brightness and functions without leaving your seat. Get the full functionality of the Philips hue app when connected to the Hue Bridge – adjust colors, set timers, notifications, alarms, geofencing and more. It also allows you to choose from preset light recipes or create your own with 16 million colors.

I love being able to program our lights to match our routine, from gradual sunrise every morning or automatically illuminate your entranceway at sundown, to movie night settings, or bedtime for the kids. I can even have the lights turn on before we get home so we are not walking into a dark house. Hue Smart lights allows us to have a Smart Home!

With our home being oh so smart, we signed up for Sling TV to use with our digital streaming. This was done just in time for us to watch the Cubbies (Go Cubs!) in the play-offs. Sling allows you to watch anytime, anywhere and gives you access to channels such as ESPN, TBS, HGTV, A&E, TNT, Food Network, Disney Channel, and more. Check it out for yourselves with 30-days free trial service.


What type of technology have you recently brought into your home?


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