Removing Silly Putty From Fabric Melaleuca Oil Vs. Lemon Oil

Recently, when going through some bins of toys the kids had outgrown, I found a couple containers of Silly Putty. My son, who fidgets with things while sitting watching TV or while in the car, enjoys pulling on the silly putty during those times.

Last week, while in the car on the way to the kids dentist appointments, Ethan was playing with the silly putty. Apparently, unbeknownst to me, instead of putting the silly putting back in the container he decided to put it in his pocket. As we were about to leave the office, he shows me the inside of his pocket. The silly putty was now the lining of his shorts pocket. I managed to pull most of it off while using the pulled off pieces to get off a lot of the rest. I then had my son do the rest.

removing silly putty from fabric

The next day, on Friday, Ethan was back again at the silly putty. At one point, he was standing in the middle of the room looking a little perplexed. I asked if everything was “okay” and he said “yes”. Fast forward a few hours, I had to run a quick errand when I returned the first thing I got was Anna telling me Ethan had something to tell me. Apparently at the time I had seen Ethan looking somewhat perplexed is when he had discovered getting some of the Silly Putty on the couch cover. Instead of being honest with me, he decided to keep it to himself. Like I wouldn’t discover it? Blue is pretty obvious on a tan color.

Removing Silly Putty From Fabric

I pulled off the cover and set it aside, a little too mad to deal with it at the time. Just the other day I finally started doing some research on removing silly putty from fabric with the use of essential oils. I found from Crayola that WD-40 is the thing to use. However, I did not want to use something with chemicals if it could be avoided. Since I already use a lot of essential oils, I thought that would be the better route.

After doing some research, it seemed the two most used essential oils to help with removing Silly Putty were Melaleuca Oil and Lemon Oil. I decided to do my own test to see which one worked the best.

I first tried Young Living’s Melaleuca Oil. I put a couple drops of the oil directly on the Silly Putty and proceeded to rub it with a cotton pad. I was very impressed with how quickly and easily the Sippy Putty came off. I barely used any “muscle” complete removal.

removing silly putty

Next, I tried the Young Living’s Lemon Oil. Again, I put a couple drops of the oil on the Silly Putty and proceeded to rub it with a cotton ball. The Silly Putty did not come off so easily with the Lemon Oil. I had to rub it quite a bit for it to come off, and even then it did leave some of the blue color behind from the putty.

removing silly putty

Based on my little experiment, I found the Melaleuca Oil to be much better at Silly Putty removal. I was able to get all the spots removed very quickly with the Melaleuca Oil, throw it in the washing machine and dryer and put it back on the couch without any signs of blue Silly Putty!


Do you use Essential Oils? I would love hear some of your favorite uses for your oils!

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  4. Hi Jodi, thanks for this highly informative post. My son, who is 9, loves playing with silly putty, and we usually find remnants of it in the weirdest of places including on the carpet and seats. We were having a hard time cleaning it up, but now we know to go with the Melaleuca Oil. Thank you so much.

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