Repurposing Leftover Birthday Party Supplies for Crafts

Spring Crafts Using Leftover Birthday Party Supplies

It never fails. No matter how carefully you plan, there’s always some leftover birthday party supplies. Whether you bought things in bulk from the discount store or you overestimated what you needed for party decorations, you’re in luck. Most of them can be used for picnics or other parties. Hang on to your uninflated balloons, paper or plastic party plates, hats, streamers, curling ribbon and wrapping paper. They’ll be easier to find at a moment’s notice if you keep them in a big box and don’t forget that they’re there.

These leftover party supplies also make good fodder in craft projects and activities for the kids on a rainy day or when there’s a holiday coming up. With springtime upon us, there will be plenty of rainy days and bored kids to go around. Spice up the afternoon while you’re reducing, reusing and recycling the items in your party leftovers box.

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Celebration Parade
If you’re short on time and have a houseful of children on a rainy day, create an indoor parade. Pull out the party hats and the noisemakers. Perhaps celebrate Earth Day (April 22, 2014), National Pretzel Day (April 26) or Mother’s Day (May 11). Put up streamers for the starting line and ending line. If you need parade spectators, invite the neighbors or line up some stuffed animals in the hallway along the parade route. Pets can participate, too. Perhaps end it with an indoor picnic. Put down a blanket and pull out the leftover party cups and plates with a snack lunch.

repurposing leftover birthday party supplies

Repurposing Leftover Birthday Party Supplies

Spring Streamer Flowers
Create spring flowers using leftover crepe paper streamers and drinking straws. You will use preferably two different colors, one for the flower blossom and one for the leaves on the stem.

You’ll need:
1 or 2 colors of crepe paper streamers
A drinking straw
Clear tape

1. Cut or neatly tear lengths of crepe paper streamers about 18 inches long. Beginning on one end of the long strip, pinch the edge of the crepe paper together. Slowly turn the base around in a circle between your thumb and forefinger, folding and gathering the bottom edges together a little at a time. Allow the upper edge of the streamer to flourish, forming the flower bloom. Use a small piece of clear tape to wrap around the base of the flower bloom to secure it.

2. Cut a drinking straw in half. Use one piece for your stem. Insert the bottom of the flower into the straw, leaving about 1/4 inch exposed. Tape it in place.

3. Take a six-inch piece of crepe paper and put the straw in the center. Hold the crepe paper in place with your thumb as you wrap the streamer around a few times. Do one side, then the other. Twist the two flaps together once or twice close to the straw to hold the shape better, then secure with a piece of tape.

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Use these little spring flowers as party decorations or just to spruce up the kitchen table. Put them in a cup or vase for a spring bouquet. They also make nice boutonnieres for teddy bears.

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