Scent Your Home Naturally with Fragrant Plants

The desire to scent your home naturally has become more popular over the years. With all of health and safety concerns about using products with toxins, foods with hormones and preservatives and even artificial home scents, such as sprays and plug-ins. Many people and companies are leaning towards more natural ingredients and products. It is not uncommon for people to have allergies to synthetic ingredients in household products, bath and body products and synthetic scents.

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Scent Your Home Naturally

If you enjoy having your home smelling good and would like to scent your home naturally, then having fragrant plants planted near a window and door is one way to achieve it.

Here are some ways to create fresh scents for your home through fragrant plants.

1. Along the Walkway

Along the walkway leading up to your house, it is not only visually pleasing but can also add some nice fragrance to have some low-growing plants. There are also plants that release their fragrance when stepped on, so if add some plants to cracks in the sidewalk is an option, these may be a route you want to go. Some plants that would be appropriate for this are Pennyroyal, Thyme, Corsican, and Sweet Woodruff.

2. Window Boxes

Having some sweet-smelling flowers in window boxes, such as Sweet Alyssum and Scented Geraniums are great for wafting through the house. For a kitchen window, there are some nice smelling herbs, such as Lemon Balm, Rosemary, Mint, and Basil that are not only perfect for the kitchen but can come in handy for cooking. For bedroom windows, lavender is perfect. Not only does have a great scent, but it also helps to promote sleep.

3. Under Windows

There are some wonderful night-blooming plants that are very appropriate for planting under windows. Night-blooming Jasmine, Evening primrose, and wallflowers are some examples of plants that would be perfect for night-time blooming. If you prefer having a daytime scent, then you will probably want to choose Phlox, Lavender, Peonies, or Basil. There are a couple of tall plants in the mint family that have brightly colored flowers. These are Bee Balm or Bergamot  and will add a lot of wonderful scent to your home when you have your windows open. These plants actually smell a bit like Earl Grey tea.

Another great plant to consider for growing under or around your windows is Wisteria. This plant has purple blooms that will hang in front of your window.

4. Doorways

It is always a treat when you and your guests are treated with a welcoming fragrance. One great way to add some welcoming fragrance is to add a trellis around your doorway and then add some vine-type plants such as, Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Climbing Roses, Sweet Pea, or Clematis. If that is a little too much work, then you can plant some mints, sage or oregano at your doorway to add some great fragrance.

Lastly, there are some amazing scented shrubs that you can plant on either side of your doorway, such as a Butterfly Bush, Bay, Shrub Roses, or Lilac.

Surrounding your home’s entry points with scented plants and flowers is a wonderful and natural way to bring fresh fragrance into your home.

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