Slow Weight Loss Caused by Common Diet Myths

Slow weight loss can be very frustrating, and actually be caused by some common dieting mistakes. The word “diet” can conjure up some negative feelings. Most people usually associate diet with people practically starving and, in general, being very unhappy. The word diet though should refer to how we eat and not a specific plan of eating. With that said, how you are conducting your way of eating could be hindering your efforts.

slow weight loss

Slow Weight Loss Frustrations

Busting Some Diet Myths

If you have some extra weight that you need to lose, there really are not any shortcuts if you want to take the weight off and keep it off. I know many who have tried dieting methods and are always disappointed with the results. If you are having a difficult time losing weight or are experiencing slow weight loss, one of the best ways I have found to lose weight is to make lifestyle changes. These changes can allow you to lose weight steadily over time until your weight loss goals are achieved, help keep the weight off as well.

If you are trying to lose weight, it does not mean you have to eat a bland diet. The portion size is very important no matter what food you are eating. You can eat the food you enjoy; it is just a matter of eating less of them and not eating them as often. Treat them more like special occasion food rather than every day food.

Calories do accumulate throughout the day, which means it is not a good idea to eat less throughout the day and then pig out at night. This actually has a very negative effect on your dieting efforts and adds stored fat to your body. Also, eating a lot at night and then laying down can increase the likely hood of indigestion or heartburn.

Here are some ways to lose weight by using your own food and making a few lifestyle changes.

Diet Mistakes You Might Be Making

1. Skipping breakfast every day – I admit, I have never been a big breakfast eater but it is truly the most important meal of the day. Breakfast sets the tone for your metabolism for that day. If you do not eat breakfast, your metabolism may remain sluggish for the rest of the day even if you are eating healthier choices. That can impair your weight loss goals.

2. Diet drinks – These drinks may contain fewer calories than regular soft drinks and juices; however, they do contain more sugar. It is the sugar that spikes the blood sugar and leaves you wanting more sugar. This actually can activate our genetically programmed preference for sweets more than any other substance. Also, it tricks your metabolism into thinking sugar is on its way, causing your body to pump out insulin, the fat storage hormone, which causes increased belly fat. Another problem with tricking your metabolism is that it confuses your metabolism causing it to slow down and burn less calories.

3. Loading up on “fat free” food – Just because the food is labeled as “low fat” or “fat free”, does not mean it is fair game to load up on. Being “low fat” or “fat free” does not mean they are without calories. The healthiest foods that you can eat are those labeled as natural.

4. Avoiding fat – Did you know your body actually requires you eat fat? It is the kinds of fat you are choosing. You want to avoid fats found in processed foods, which are either trans fats or saturated fats. Neither one of these are good for your body. Instead, choose healthy fats that are found in natural foods: nuts, olive oil, oily fish and seeds.

5. Eating too much fruit – Fruit is good as a snack but is generally filled with sugar. Even though it is natural sugar you are consuming, it can still cause a spike in blood sugar leading to crave for more sugar that might not be so healthy. Eating apples, berries and bananas are great, but should be only one or two servings a day.

Changing some lifestyle habits can be the first great step to losing unwanted weight.



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