Spring Bulb Planting For Perennial Summer Flowers

One of my favorite seasons is spring. Why? I adore seeing the grass turn green; buds start to appear on trees, and buds from my plants start to shoot out of the ground. Also, it is the time of year I can finally get outside and start gardening and doing my spring bulb planting.

Spring bulb planting season. #gardening

Spring Bulb Planting

Last Spring I planted two different varieties of Dahlia Bulbs, Gallery Pablo and Yellow Passion. These Dahlia’s typically start to appear in the summer. However, my Dahlia’s appeared late summer, which was a great way to color the garden that time of year. They then bloom throughout the Fall until the first frost. The are the perfect pop of color in your garden.

Spring bulb planting for late summer flowers. #flowers #spring #gardening

I have not always been one to plant bulbs. In fact, until a couple of years ago, I had never even planted bulbs. Now I am completely hooked on them. It is such a great way to get your planting done ahead of time and then reap the benefits of your work when you’re in the season for flowers!

When shopping for flower bulb, you want to make sure you are getting those of good quality. There is nothing worse than receiving bulbs that are rotted or are duds. Longfield Gardens has a fabulous selection of quality bulbs for both spring and fall planting. In fact, I also have an assortment of beautiful tulips from bulbs I planted a couple of years ago from Longfield.

Several years ago I started converting my garden from an annual garden to a perennial one. Over the years, I have been able to determine the types of plants that thrive the best in different areas of our garden, and which ones that do not! I have also come to realize there are some plants that I just do not want anymore.

Some areas of our garden retain a lot of water, so for those areas we need to have plants that can really handle that type of moisture. Other areas of our garden are in full sun throughout the day, while other areas are in full shade. Having not only the right plant for different areas of your garden, but also a plant that will add enough eye appeal to your landscape should be considered when building your garden.

Some of the perennials we started off with, such as Hosta, Day Lillies, and Tiger Lillies, I am now removing from our garden. Over the years, these spreading type of perennials tend to take up your whole garden! If you can keep up with dividing them on a regular basis, it’s not bad. However, if you do not have that time, it can turn into a lot of work.

The plants that I have removed from our garden are now residing quite comfortably in our neighbors yard. They moved next door several years ago, and would love to start some landscaping. Like most, the time and the resources are not available. I was more than happy to donate to their landscaping cause.

Are you one to plant bulbs? What type of garden do you have, perennial, annual, or a mixture of the two? Lastly, what are your favorite plants in your garden?





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