Staying Focused When Working With Life in Chaos

To say life has been chaotic since the New Year is probably putting it mildly. 🙂 For those who do not know, my husband broke the radial head in his elbow on New Year’s Eve – you can read all about it here. Since then it has been one appointment after the next, which ended in surgery this past Monday. It turns out that the radial head of my husband’s elbow was in 3 pieces. One piece was still intact, but then there were 2 other pieces. With those two other pieces one was in perfect alignment yet with the joint while the third one was compressed about 5 mm. This made a big enough difference to require surgery.

Staying Focused When Working

staying focused when working

Since this accident, I am finding that staying focused when working is a huge challenge with so much going on in life. I have had to take care of everything – home, children, dinner, and him! Most of it I do on a consistent basis anyway since my husband normally works 24 – 48 hours or more at a time. However, with this there is no break and, even though he is home he really cannot help with anything. The things he does try to help with ends up causing him too much pain in the end. I really just want him to heal and not take any chances of a set back, but it is really hard for him to not “do” something.

Since there has been so much involved with my husband’s break, I have fallen behind on many things. When I do have an opportunity to get something done, I find myself doing everything but what I set out to do. I can tell my mind is going in 50 different directions. It is very frustrating and annoying to feel so unaccomplished even when given the opportunity.

Ways to Stay on Task:

Because of this problem with not being able to stay focused on one task at a time right now and getting extremely frustrated by it, I have set out to figure out a solution.

One thing I have learned is that if you are a multitasker, which I am by nature, your brain is a muscle and adapts to that way of thinking. You lose the ability to focus as distraction becomes a habit. You then need to retrain that muscle, the brain, to focus again. I have started trying to retrain my brain by practicing concentration by starting in small increments. Whatever project has priority I focus only on that project for at least 10 minutes. Whenever my mind starts to wander I have to force myself to get back on task and tell myself that whatever I was going to do can wait.

I have found that taking frequent breaks helps. This not only recharges my brain and gives me a mental break, but I can then give my kids and husband some attention. I also find that since my kids are still young and are constantly needing something, frequent breaks actually prevents them from requesting anything while I am in my work mode.

There are a lot of applications that are available now that can block distractions from you. Such as Facebook, Twitter, or websites in general. What this does is forces you to stay focused even when you do not have the will power.

The use of timers can help as well.  These are available as extensions for Chrome, and I am sure Firefox has them too. The timers allow you to set a timer for so long and that is the length of time you need to stay focused. These are really just great visual que’s and actually auditory since they actually sound an alarm when the timer goes off.

How are you with staying focused on one task at a time? What have you found to work best for you? I would love to hear from you!

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