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As my kids grew out of the baby stage, the one thing I looked forward to was carrying a regular purse. I also looked forward to not having to carry all the other “stuff” with me. What I have come to find out is this: although my kids are now way beyond the diaper stage, I still have to carry baby wipes. However, thanks to Huggies, I get to carry wipes that come with a stylish baby wipes case.

Stylish Baby Wipes Case

stylish baby wipes case

So I have moved beyond the diaper bag stage, although I have still find it necessary to carry a larger purse to put all their “stuff” in. I have one 10 year old and a set of twins, who are 6 years old. My one 6 year old (Anna) has the nickname of, Messy Moo. The reason for this nickname is the fact that regardless of what she eats, she ends up wearing most of it. Given this, I always carry a package of the NEW Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean* Wipes in my purse.

stylish baby wipes container

You know where else I find it completely necessary to keep baby wipes? Is in the car. Mostly it is to clean up the kids, one in particular, or even for myself. Always having wipes in the car with us has been a life saver. Although now each child can have easy access to a package of wipes on his or her own! Honestly, I find myself using them all the time. I not only us them for cleaning my hands when we are out, but I also find myself using them to wipe things up inside the car.

stylish baby wipes container

Inside our van, I have hung one Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean from the head rest directly in front of each child. They each have a favorite design they prefer for their seat. Anna prefers the leaf looking design, Megan has the stripped design with the different colors, and Ethan has the dark blue with light blue circles design. Now whenever they are coloring in the car or having a snack, they can grab a wipe and clean off before getting out of the car.

These new stylish baby wipes are the perfect solution for on the go. In addition, they are refillable! Just open the top closure and refill with your favorite with Huggies® Wipes.

stylish baby wipes case

What is the one thing you still find you still need to bring with you, even though your kids are no longer babies? 

Thank you to Huggies for sponsoring today’s post, but my LOVE for their new stylish diaper wipes is all my own!

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