Summer Break Planning For The Kiddos – 2017

It’s that time of year again, the kids have 14 days left of school and I have to get some summer break planning done. For us, this summer is going to be way different than it has been for the past 10 years. It is the first summer we do not have a pool to call home, and it’s the first time we will not have the kiddo’s on swim team. 🙁

Summer Break Planning

Summer Break Planning - 2017

Our beloved Maple Hill Pool, Downers Grove, IL. RIP 2017

If you are like us and are going to experience summer differently this year, the read on! I’m doing some summer break planning for kids ranging in age from 13 – 9. My oldest will be entering high school in the fall, while the twins will be going into 4th grade.

Since our pool is closing, our kids will not be on a swim team. Swim team ran from the day after Memorial Day through mid-July. It was a large bulk of our summer and was great for the kids. There was no boredom, and we didn’t have the electronics fight. We need to replace this activity, but we have to be very cost effective. My husband is still out of a full-time job since February 2016. Keep your fingers crossed, something may be on the horizon!

Summer Activity Ideas

  • LaCrosse Camp
  • LaCrosse League
  • Tennis Lessons
  • Girl Scout Camp
  • Community Pool
  • Adventure Camp
  • STEM Week
  • Summer Homework (Math & Reading)
  • Bike Trails – Family Activity
  • Get togethers with friends

I’m hoping to have enough fun things planned for them so they don’t start getting “bored” or begin fighting for electronics. However, I want them to have downtime too.

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What are some of the activities you have planned for the summer?




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