Summertime Fun With Kids Before School Starts

School will be starting up again soon so we wanted to have some summertime fun with kids in these last couple of weeks. Last week my sister-in-law asked my husband about going to a waterpark on Sunday. She and her husband have a son who will be one in October and wanted to get out with him and enjoy the day.

Since we belong to a pool, it is rare that we ever go to a waterpark. Plus Anna and Ethan being so young, it was hard to go and really enjoy a water park with them being so limited. Now that they have have been on swim team, and are way more independent this was the perfect time to go enjoy a day at Raging Waves Waterpark in Yorkville, Illinois. It is said to be the largest waterpark in Illinois.

Summertime Fun with Kids

The kids were very excited about going to the waterpark, as was I and my husband. I do not “take the day off” very often, so I looked forward to just spending some quality time with the kids.

One of the first things we did was go by the section of the park that was designed for smaller kids. There were several smaller slides that were perfect for Anna and Ethan. I loved that there were a lot of Life Guards every where helping kids on different rides and really being aware of what was going on the water at all times. Here is my little nephew enjoying his first time in a big pool…he did fantastic!

summertime fun with kids

We brought a friend of Megan’s with, which was perfect so they could run off and do some older kid things! One ride I did not mind missing she she had her friend was call the Boomerang. It is rather reminiscent of a toilet bowl. You start off in this large enclosed tube that curves around into a very steep drop into this cone shaped area. Then you swish very high up from side to side.

summertime fun with kids

I was waiting for a very long time to capture the moment the came out of the tube. The first picture I took only caught half of them since I was a little too quick on the draw! But I did get others of them swishing from side to side out of the cone.

summertime fun with kids

summer fun with kids

summer fun with kids

Another cool attraction we got to enjoy was a wave pool. The waves in this pool got very high, and people would like up on tubes right be where the waves would start out. Megan and her friend went further out to play in the waves, but we kept Anna and Ethan closer to shore where it was a bit safer for them. Anna and Ethan did not seem too thrilled with this attraction. I think they were both a little nervous they would get knocked over. Plus they could not seem to figure out how to play in the waves. I did try to show them how to play in the waves, but the nervousness of getting knocked offer was too strong. 🙂

summer fun with kids

Wave pool with Anna and Ethan, before the waves started up.


summer fun with kids

This is right after the waves started up. You can see how high they are against the back wall. The got much stronger as time went on.


summer fun with kids

Anna and Ethan standing, I mean playing, in the wave pool!

Because of Anna and Ethan’s height, they were somewhat limited in what rides they participate in. This was fine with me, since I obviously want them to be safe! The one ride the could go on was call the “Three Sisters”. This was basically a platform with three enclosed tubes that twist and turn and dump out into a large pool. You can go down on one-man or two-man floats. Anna and Ethan’s size required an adult to go down with them. Anna selected me as the one to go on the ride with her.

The colors of the tubes for the “Three Sisters” was blue, pink and green. Anna initially wanted to go on the pink one, but when someone mentioned that was the faster of the three she changed to blue. At the last minute, right when we were getting on the float for the ride, Anna decided against going on the ride. Luckily I was able to talk her into going on the ride. The ride was very dark…a little too dark. I have never been on a ride with completely enclosed tube and did not really enjoy that feeling. I felt almost a bit of motion sickness while twisting and turning in the dark. Thankfully closing my eyes did help!

At the very end, when we were done with that ride, I wanted to ask Anna how she felt about it but without influencing her decision. When I asked what she thought of it, she said she did not like it. It was too dark for her too. All in all, she did really well with the ride and was glad she had tried it.

Ethan was a little more conservative with his choices of activities at the waterpark and really just enjoyed going down the slides in the younger kid area.

We really did have a great time while at the waterpark yesterday. We got there an hour after it opened and left 30 minutes before it closed! Next year, when Anna and Ethan are a bit older and taller will be an even better experience for them. Next year they will be able to go on rides with Megan!

We ended the day with the kids having dipping dots, and me enjoying a Jamba Juice!



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