Relieve Stress Naturally With Your Creative Outlet

The daily grind of to-do lists, work, dinner, kids, bills and more is not going away. Stress, in one form or another, is a fact of life. Although most of us know how detrimental stress is to our health, we do not make the time to relieve it. Exercise is one of the best ways […]

Create Christmas Cards With Stampin Up

Create Christmas Cards Using Stampin’ Up Recently I had another opportunity create Christmas cards using some Stampin’ Up products.  I also made a birthday card too for my brother-in-law whose birthday was on Halloween!  The demonstrator I purchase product through has card-making dates at her home each month.  It is a great set up since […]

Card Stamping Ideas For Birthdays and Christmas

Card Stamping Ideas I used to make my own cards all the time by doing card stamping, but over the past few years I just have not had the time to set aside to make them.  Besides that, I am really bad with just whipping out a card without specific card stamping ideas.  I would […]