Activities for Children During Summer Break

Finding enough activities for children during their summer break can be challenging at times. I do not know about you but there is a big countdown of days until school is over in our home. My twins “graduated” from preschool last week and Megan will be done with 4th grade at the end of Thursday. […]

How to Help Your Child Prepare for Summer Camp Ahead of Time

Summer Camp? Here are some tips on how to help your child prepare for summer camp. Summer camp is a tradition for many children. It allows them to spread their wings and get a taste of independence before they fledge and leave the nest completely. It also gives parents an opportunity to experience their first […]

Disney’s Spoonful Partners with Lilly Diabetes

I think one of the best organizations around (and the happiest) is Disney. Have you ever been to Disney World? It has to be the happiest place on earth! As in grand Disney style, they have just launched an online destination dedicated to help families affected by type 1 diabetes. Disney Interactive, in partnership with […]

Safe Storage of Medicines From Kids

This Safe Storage of Medicines post is brought to you by Mom Central Consulting and Safe Kids Worldwide. All opinions stated are my own. I remember when I was very young I used to go into the medicine cabinet and eat the children’s chewable aspirin. I am quite sure I knew I was not supposed […]

Different Parenting Styles and Their Effects On Children

I want to start by saying I love my children and I would never change anything about them. That being said, I do find parenting as a whole much more intense than I ever expected it to be. I think when making the decision to become a parent, you do not always think about all […]

Get Kids to Listen Without Nagging, Reminding or Yelling

Not too long ago I shared some information with you that I learned from a Webinar titled “Turn Complaining Into Cooperating In 2013″. I enjoyed, and learned so much from that Webinar I wanted to share an opportunity with you to sit in on a Webinar and help you on your path to a calmer family […]

Parenting Techniques for Difficult Children

For a while now I have been feeling as though I have almost gotten into a rut with my children. I ask them to do something and they whine and complain, or it takes me saying something five times to get them moving. This is not the picture that comes to mind when I think of having […]

Young Children Learn a Second Language – Language Stars and Win an iPad Mini (ends 1/27)

I have an older sister with three boys, ages 11, 9 and 7. When her oldest was two-years-old she started taking him to Language Stars to learn French. Then when the second son was old enough to go, she took him for a couple of years as well. She stopped when the third one was […]

Pre-Christmas Family Events

First of all MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!  I hope everyone is enjoying this special day.  I cannot believe today is Christmas.  All the work and planning that goes into this day and then 10 minutes of unwrapping and it’s done!  Not really done, but all that anticipation is finally over. Our Christmas celebration actually started on Friday. […]

Trying to Make Sense of What Makes No Sense

I, like many, have been trying to make sense where there is no sense of the devastating loss that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary.  My mind is still reeling from this tragedy.  I have 3 children myself and cannot imagine losing any one of them.  I cannot even begin to imagine what those parents […]