Relieve Stress Naturally With Your Creative Outlet

The daily grind of to-do lists, work, dinner, kids, bills and more is not going away. Stress, in one form or another, is a fact of life. Although most of us know how detrimental stress is to our health, we do not make the time to relieve it. Exercise is one of the best ways […]

Easy Crochet Projects for Beginners at Craftsy

Remember when I said I was taking a class through Craftsy to learn how to Crochet? Well, I am well on my way in learning how to crochet. In fact, I am now on my second class and wanted to share with you some easy crochet projects I have learned so far in my classes. […]

Learn How To Crochet Easily Online With Me

Who wants to learn how to crochet with me? I have always wanted to learn how to crochet. My great aunts have made beautiful Afghans that I still adore. I have also attended church events and have seen the beautiful pieces that people have made to auction off. I am not saying I will be […]