15 Mouth-Watering Easter Dessert Recipes

There are those holidays that do not have a lot of themed desserts. Then there are others, such as Easter, which a ton of scrumptious desserts designed just for that day. I have found that Easter dessert recipes are right up my alley. Here are two key elements with this holiday, marshmallows and chocolate! Grant […]

Indoor House Plants Repurposed For The Holidays

Here is a new spin on your indoor house plants, dress them up for the holidays! I have these adorable little Norfolk Island Pines I thought would be perfect to make a little festive for the upcoming holiday, Easter! Indoor House Plants Repurposed For The Holidays I love Norfolk Pines. They make such great indoor […]

Egg Decorating Ideas by Disney’s Spoonful

Are you in search of last minute egg decorating ideas like I am? Nothing like waiting until the last minute right? I have seen so many amazing egg decorating this year, more so than ever before. I really want to try something new this year. Every year we do the Paas egg decorating, and although […]

One Day Only Sale at Tiny Prints!

The weekly Tiny Prints Deal of the Day is 30% off their entire Easter collection. This sale is good for 1 day only and expires Friday March 15 at 9:00am PT. Use coupon code DEAL0314 to save 30%!

Easter Happenings

Easter is tomorrow!  Yay!!!  The kids are sooo excited.  My oldest has such a hard time sleeping the night of any event.  She came downstairs shortly after going to bed claiming to be excited to sleep.  She asked if she could fall asleep in our bed and then we can move her to her bed […]