Elevated Glucose Level Diagnosis – Now What To Do?

After finally getting long over-due physical, I received a diagnosis. I have an elevated glucose level, as well as, elevated lipids. I know I should’ve gone way before now. My only excuse is waiting for my husband to get settled with a job. Although, we still had health insurance throughout his search. Probably my bigger […]

Cardio Dance Workout is Great for Body, Mind, and Soul

A cardio dance workout is my favorite form of exercise. I enjoy exercise, but I get bored way too easily riding a stationary bike or walking / running on treadmill. I have found that dancing is a great and fun way to get in my cardiovascular exercise. People of any age can use dance as […]

Lower Belly Fat With These Six Foods

Being able to lower belly fat, also called a muffin top, can be quite challenging, but it is not impossible. I do not know about you, but the first place I gain weight is in my mid-section, which is also the place I lose weight last. Do you find that the last place for weight […]

Modern Pilates with Lisa Johnson Interview

Modern Pilates with Lisa Johnson Recently I had the pleasure of being able to review some great Pilates DVD’s that were created by Lisa Johnson. She has been a certified Pilate’s trainer since 1998 and has owned own Pilates studio, Modern Pilates, in Massachusetts since 1999. Doing modern Pilates with Lisa Johnson is such a great […]

Exercise Your Core Muscles with Pilates by Lisa Johnson

Eight years ago, a little over a year after the birth of Megan, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism (auto-immune disease Hashimoto’s) that then lead to Premature Ovarian Failure (POF). Basically this meant that I had gone into early menopause…at the age of 37 years old. To say that news was not only shocking but devastating would […]

Health and Fitness Items From Best Buy and a Coupon

One of my big objectives for 2013 is to lose weight and get more physically fit. My getting back to the gym has been somewhat compromised with my husband’s elbow injury. He is really unable to do a whole lot, especially when the kids are home. In the meantime, I have joined MyFitnessPal to start […]

New Year’s Resolution Giveaway (Ends 1/22)

New Year’s Resolution Giveaway Welcome to the New Year’s Resolution FitBit Zip giveaway hosted by Freckleberry Finds and Slap Dash Mom! I’ve teamed up with some other fab bloggers to bring you a giveaway that’ll get you moving! Here is a great opportunity to help your New Year’s resolution of getting into shape come into […]

Yoga Gear For Women – Aurorae Yoga

It has been since before the summer that I have maintained a regular workout routine. I was consistently going 5 times a week, and then summer hit. Between the kids being home and summer activities I had a very difficult time maintaining any type of workout routine.  Since then, I have not been able to […]

How to Drink While Dieting Book Tour

Drink While Dieting Trying to diet but still being social can be a somewhat challenging.  Especially since drinking while dieting has always been known to be taboo.  Thanks to How To Drink While Dieting, that no longer has to be the case.  This book is filled with research on the benefits of drinking, 101 alternate […]

Change Your Mindset, Get Motivated to Exercise

It is time to get back to the mindset about exercise.  This summer was a very busy one, which left no time to get to the gym.  I am definitely starting to feel the effects of not exercising.  The smaller size I could finally fit into again is once again snug, and I just do […]