My New Work-Out Regiment

I am so excited to have started working out on a regular basis again.  I used to be really good at going to the gym to exercise at least 3 – 4 times a week, but once my oldest daughter was born all exercising came to a screeching halt.  With working full-time, the last thing I wanted […]

Today I Realized Just How Out of Shape I am

I used to work out on a regular basis, at least 3 days a week if not more.  That changed drastically when my oldest daughter (Megan) was born.  I was working full-time at the time so my time with Megan was precious.  Not that it isn’t precious now, but my time with her is not […]

Starting An Exercise Program

I’m sure March Madness has nothing to do with it…but it seems the last few years in March I’ve put an exercise plan in to motion.  I usually start strong on it and then something happens to throw off my schedule and then I never make the time to fit it back in to the […]

Oh My, What Happened To My Children Who Used To Sleep??

I admit, my husband and I were very spoiled for a long time with the sleep pattern of Anna and Ethan (the “twins”). We could put them to bed at 8 pm and they would sleep until after 9 am the next morning and still take a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon. Amazing right? […]