Disney Frozen Soundtrack Available at Walmart

You know you have those phrases that you say and do not give it any thought? Well, apparently I say the phrase “Let It Go” quite often. However, I never noticed I even used this phrase until the movie Frozen, and the ever popular “Let It Go”, by Idina Menzel. You know how kids get […]

Frozen Themed Apparel And More At Walmart

Start thinking holidays, winter, Christmas, cold, freezing, Frozen! Bam. Yes, we are talking Christmas presents and Frozen specifically. For months after Frozen came out, my kids did nothing but sing the songs from that movie over and over and over again. Then, when we got the movie, their excitement was heightened that much more. Now […]

New Trailer and Poster Released for Disney Frozen

My kids cannot wait to see the Disney movie “Frozen” that is opening this November 27th. Every time they see the teaser trailer that was released as a commercial for this movie with the snowman (Olaf) and reindeer (Sven) they laugh hysterically. This newest trailer, below, though shows a whole lot more of the movie, […]