Online Wish List Creation With #GiftBirdy

Each year my kids make their Christmas list on a large sheets of paper and, generally just add on to it as they see more things they want.  However, usually by the time we are actually ready to sit down and look at the list and decide what we are going to get off that […]

Gifts For Distant Relatives

With the holidays quickly approaching, I really need to start putting lists together gifts lists.  We have several friends and some family who do not live near us that we have to take into consideration each year.  Those are the people who are a little more challenging for gift purchasing. Gifts For Distant Relatives Each […]

Valentine’s Day Is Around The Corner

I can’t believe January is almost over and Valentine’s day is almost upon us!  Have you started thinking of something special you would like for that day?  Well, if you are all about jewelry – you may want to check out the Valentine’s Day Sale at Up to 55% off!. I don’t really go […]

Only Six Weeks Until Christmas!!

I can not believe Christmas is right around the corner already. I swear it feels like we just got out of the Christmas season. This year seemed like it flew by way too fast. We live in Illinois, the Windy City, it was in the 60’s & 70’s last week…right now it’s 38 degrees, brrr. […]